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CleanSpecie – first time creation of commercial marketplace for space debris removal based on blockchain technology.

Project No: #19011
Capital needed
EUR 2,500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5000
Country: Ukraine
State: Dnipropetrovsk
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: - The density of space debris is so high that it is certain that removal will be required, creating future business case.
- There is no marketplace for space debris removal.
- Blockchain is an excellent candidate to create a crowdfunding marketplace for space debris removal
- Crowdfunding/ICOs enable founders to raise money fast and from anyone
- This is new approach to funding space projects which has not been implemented yet
What you offer to investors?: To join the unique project, which substitutes crypto mining by space debris mining. Each 100K Euro shall be equal to 3% of the CleanSpecie company’s shares (could be exchanged to CleanSpecie tokens). The Project’s IRR is more than 10000%. Discounted payback period 1.5 years

CleanSpecie is substitution of traditional
crypto mining process (which is wasting computer hardware, electricity for
virtual coins) by space debris mining process (which is cleaning Earth orbit,
boosting space technology development, develops new markets).


The amount of space debris around the Earth
is growing rapidly on the background of growing number of satellites launched.
The growth in the number of fragments has deviated from the linear trend in the
past and has entered into the more feared exponential trend. In the nearest
future this will result in full clogging of near Earth orbits and impossibility
of space flights and exploration

market of space debris removal doesn’t exist.
The satellite operators plan to develop
first space debris removal satellites by 2025, because there are no customers
paying money for space debris removal. It is right time now to initiate the
market for this and it is CleanSpecie which shall create this market on the
basis of crypto/blockchain.


CleanSpecie shall be based on the database
of near-Earth space debris managed by NORAD (USAF). Each fraction of the
removed debris shall be awarded by the corresponding value of CleanSpecie coin.
Satellite developers shall develop their own space-debris removal satellites to
gather space debris and to earn CleanSpecie coins, which shall be exchanged for
fiat money at crypto-exchanges.


The project concept doesn’t require special
hardware developed by CleanSpecie company.


During ICO CleanSpecie company shall enter
into several memorandums with satellite developers, stating that they plan to
develop space debris removal satellites to earn CleanSpecie coins. This shall
serve as effective background to initiate trading of CleanSpecie coins at
exchanges and to perform successful ICO. Coins shall constantly increase their
value on the basis of these news and when the satellite operators shall start
to remove space debris and to earn coins by space debris mining. This approach
shall create commercial value for space debris removal.


CleanSpecie is cleaning Earth orbit,
boosting space technology development, develops new markets. The early participants of this initiative shall have unprecedented

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