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Double Decker Pressure Cooker & Double Decker Electric Pressure Cooker

Project No: #19032
Capital needed
EUR 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5000
Country: India
State: Haryana
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We have monopoly on these two products throughout the world.
What you offer to investors?: one percent of the company for 5000 eros
Business plan:
Additional documents:

Dear Sir


Please allow me to introduce my self, hi my name Sukhbir Singh Bachhal, I have invented a Double Decker Pressure Cooker and Double Decker Electric Pressure Cooker, which saves 50% energy, money, time health and carbon. When two burners are running the temperature of the house rises and ac and the fridge consume more energy, but we reduce that to.


The designs are protected under the copyright act, which gives me the monopoly on these two innovation protection for my existing time life my and 70 year beyond in the world.


Marketing studies showed me that pressure cooker 80% sold through retail stores across India. My belief is direct marketing to customer.

Majority of ladies which are in the kitchen basically there domain, which they will decide on yes or no,


Hire female marketer which buys seller kit from us for demos, does live demo at home for her family, friends, and neighbors. Then helps others purchase and/or recruits. Plus you will grow on referral for demos and buyers.  We do the same in all countries.

Market size is 80% of India use's pressure cooker and it is 8 billion USD world market on stove top and electrical pressure cooker market. The Chinese export single’s over 300 million units per year. This number is old buying new. Our number will exceed far more.


Plan is to hire 1 million direct marketers in India in short period of time and do same china and every other country. They will make 10% commission on every sale and 10% from their recruiters 10%. This also helps us to promote other products in the future through them.


India benefits in employment opportunity in millions, economy grows in billions and marketers get wealthy and carbon reduced in billions of tons per year over the years... On the export India i can assure you we will build up to 12 billion USD per year in 10 years. That would make us 5 largest export from India.

Please contact me anytime and our website is www.*******.com


Best of Regards

Sukhbir Singh Bachhal


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