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The next generation Smart Drone

Project No: #19067
Capital needed
EUR 200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10000
Country: Estonia
State: Tartu
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Prototype production underway - expected launch mid-November
Worldwide interest received for the first 50-100 drones
Company HQ's in Europe and Asia
Project interest from Europe, Asia, USA, Africa (Drone as a Service)
Estimated profitability within the first year by financial projections due to low overheads and ultra-efficient business model
Experienced core team of 3 in start-up's, marketing & sales, export & import, management & business development, technology & production.
What you offer to investors?: For investors we primarily offer equity in the company and a chance to grow with us. A successful exit for the investor can take place within 3-5 years already as for an early stage bonus we've calculated a 5-8x proposed return of investment.

SKYCORP aims to produce a next generation innovative Smart
Drone to pioneer the state-of-the-art in technologies and capabilities.

Technically capable drones are usually big, expensive and
still lack innovation and smaller drones already have to land after 20 minutes
in the air limiting applications and productivity and yet a lot of money is
spent in their development.

Our drone can already provide an increase of ROI to
customers by replacing slow to charge, aged and low power batteries with a
hydrogen fuel source to triple flight times and half downtimes and costs. And
that’s just from one innovative technology we’re using.

Our uniqueness comes from not relying on expensive in house
R&D, but by combining the best and most innovative technologies together in
order to create a powerhouse to capture clients who need a compact, long
endurance, competitively priced and future ready drone run by AI.

With our drone we can capture a big share from a 14 billion
global market by essentially combining tens of millions worth of existing R&D
and beat the competition with a more capable competitively priced product and
an easily scalable business model.

Our mission is not to incrementally improve an old concept
or product, but to employ disruptive technology and solutions straight from the
beginning, skip all the small steps and go straight to the top of the line to
become a Pioneer and a Trendsetter.

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