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First of its kind Freelance Forex Mentoring Service

Project No: #19109
Capital needed
GBP 25,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 3125
Country: United Kingdom
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We are looking for silent investors to take a share of 10% equity in my company. Potentially returning in excess of 11 million GBP this is a healthy ROI
What you offer to investors?: a share of 10% equity. for every £3125 invested the potential is to walk away with £137,500.00 after sale/reinvestment
Business plan:
Executive summary:

We are already 70% invested. The ask is for co-investment


FX is the first in its market of ‘Freelance mentoring services’. There are
hundreds of thousands of traders out there affecting the market, and if you can
trade you can teach. We want to be the company who remove the expensive courses
and put this in everyone’s homes to discover Forex trading.


running a very simple approach we were quickly able to realize that there are thousands of
potential students signing up daily to expensive courses, majority are turned away because
they cannot afford the fees. We want to develop the first of its kind freelance
mentoring service to bring the affordability down for everyone. After-all this
is signal trading and the signals are the same whoever teaches the skillset.


models are already out there, we copy the model and expand this into the Forex
Industry and compete with the ever growing extortionate course fees, create a
strong marketing campaign with brand awareness. With investment we can
accelerate this process.


competitors would seemingly be the operator/s charging over £2000 (+vat in most
cases) for a 20 hour course, upwards of £7000 (even as far as £25k) for a
year’s training. We aim to charge a much lower fee across our mentoring service
but on a mass scale targeting the lower affordability market, making us a
healthy commission. We want to be in a position to have vetted mentors on file.
Students can come as go as they please but we aim to see a student paying
around £65 to £130 per calendar month (we take 25% to 50% commission depending on market conditions)

business model is based on a Freelance style model, with Forex mentoring
services teaching Forex Signal Trading. Therefore we predict a charge from
Freelance websites in that, they have the mechanism already to accelerate there
Forex opportunities to compete with us, once they see the size of the market.


Forex Mentoring competitors are relatively unknown insofar as Freelance
because; we are targeting a new audience of home sitters who cannot afford to
trade. We do see a potential influx of completion from,, once they realise the size of the market and they already have
the mechanism to plough into the market to compete with us


year 1 we intend to hit the social media sites with a spend of £1500 per month
split fairly across LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Adwords

year 2 we increase the spend to £2500 and look at adding more Forex related
leads depending on our research 

year 3 we intend to fix the marketing spend at £2500 to continue growth,
however if we see a potential line of leads we will seek budget to expand the
marketing leads into Direct Forex marketing.

Without directly launching this, we are in
a position where we can branch into Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Binary
options and other areas such as fund management 


We own
Dashboard FX Limited and its website
and 2 other domains .uk and We own the logo but require trademark
against it & require intellectual property protection. The investment would
help us further develop the website so that the look and feel more friendly
towards the mentors in that they can post jobs and get paid securely. A positive
move to Javascript is an option and a new service for Mentors to post work and
students to select the job and pay for the lesson. Allotted sums of 70% to go
towards marketing. And where required we would like to us all available dot com
domains so that we cannot be copied.

have allocated a potential spend of £18,000 for the first years marketing and
£30,000 in year 2 so the marketing cost cover the first 2 years trading with a
view to further continue this in year 3


Year 1 - on the basis we hit a relatively small market and keep cost down by targeting certain countries, we aim to produce £600,000 Net Profit in year 1

Year 2 - £2.5milliom GBP based on expansion plans across USA, European and Australian countries

Year 3 - growth after expansion we aim for £7 to £8 million Net Profit after the market is realised

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