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Online portal for a small and medium level businesses

Project No: #19183
Capital needed
EUR 15,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 75000
Country: United Kingdom
State: Wales
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: There are many businesses that can be managed with Joined24 as listed below:
• Retail Stores
• Distributions/Whole Seller
• Marts/Super markets
• Hospitals
• Saloons
• Boutique
• Restaurants
• Freelancers/Service Providers (labor, electrician, plumber etc.)
• Schools/Colleges
What you offer to investors?: 50/50 Revenue Partnership
Business plan:

*****.com is an online portal for a small and medium level businesses to manage their accounting (POS, Inventory, Sale/Purchase, expense management, staff attendance, marketing, social media), also business ecommerce website operations like managing online orders, manage offers, create featured products etc.

it runs on cloud, and can be accessed anywhere, no need to install anything, secure and safe, have lots of financial reports with the powerful, scaleable architecture and rich feature set and also supports any currency.

The system creates a structure, and roles for the business based on the business category, keeps every business data isolate and safe.

If you don’t have physical store or business, The ***** system also provides the business ecommerce website for the business, where people can browse the business products or services and place orders or booking online.

You can manage business operations or processes like staff attendance, expense management, payments pay/receive, banking, orders or booking management, events management, reminders etc.

The system gives you the details reports and summary and trend of your business, so that you know the business trend, the payments flow, and hence you get idea that where to spend money.

Market your business products or services via email marketing, social media marketing or with mobile apps.

The system also provides couple of mobile apps, based on the business category the related mobile app can be vital and helpful to stay connected with your customers

The system also provides a virtual centralize marketplace listing all business so people can browse and search business there.

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