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Commercial Cassava Farming

Project No: #19184
Capital needed
€ 100,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1,000
Country: Nigeria
State: Ogun
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: 200 Acres of farmland acquired for cassava cultivation and processing
Using Good Agronomy Practice to increase tonnage of cassava production
High Return On Investment with additional percentage profit sharing benefit
Available market of over 3,000 farmers in dire need of farm tractor service
Contributing to Food Security through cassava production and processing
What you offer to investors?: The enterprise shall pay back d loan in 3yrs.
Investment is expected to be in multiples of $1,000.
For every multiple of $10,000 invested by an individual, d individual investor shall be entitled to 1% of d yearly profit in addition to d loan repayment schedule.

The enterprise involves the commercial farming of cassava, processing of cassava tubers into cassava product (gari) and providing farm tractor services for farmers in the neighborhood. 
The farm tractor and the implements (plough, harrow & ridger) will be used for farmland tilling while the tractor mounted equipment (saw, brush mulcher & stump remover) will be used for farmland clearing.
The use of the tractor mounted equipment ensure that the top soil is not lost during farmland clearing since the equipments do not excavate the soil. The brush mulcher can also be used to clear overgrown grasses on farmland.
The processing of cassava tubers into cassava product (gari) shall be through mechanical and automated cassava processing machines.

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