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FRANTZI - Women's Luxury Brand

Project No: #19214
Capital needed
USD 1,700,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100,000.00
Country: USA
State: Florida
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Business plan:
Executive summary:
Additional documents:

Frantzi vision is creating an unparalleled luxury experience featuring authentic craftsmanship born from the finest fabrics in the world.

Our mission is to empower the modern woman to express her inner beliefs and desires through a brand story, mindset, and lifestyle that speaks to her ideal self.

The purpose of Frantzi is to provide luxury brand products to discerning women who can connect to in mind, body, and spirit.

Who is the Frantzi woman? She’s a moment, a feeling, a vision in the night sky lit by a full moon. A mystery...Frantzi defines a new standard of luxury synonymous with femininity, elegance & sophistication that is combining Chic with Casual.

The global apparel market is valued at $3 trillion dollars and accounts for 2% percent of the world’s GDP. The fashion industry includes many sub-industries, such as menswear, women’s wear, and sportswear.

• The women’s wear industry is valued at $621 billion dollars

• The menswear industry is valued at $402 billion dollars

• The retail value of the luxury goods market is $339.4 billion dollars

McKinsey reports that by 2021, global digital sales for women’s luxury fashion are expected to grow from a current 2% percent of the total market to 17% percent, for a total market size of $12 billion. Propelling this surge is solid market growth in developed, Western markets and exceptional expansion in China. Annual online sales growth for women’s luxury fashion between now and 2021 is expected to be 17% percent in the U.S., 18% percent in the UK, 12% percent in Germany and a whopping 70% percent in China.

To succeed in multi-channel retail requires an in-depth understanding of what luxury consumers want from their digital experience. Storytelling is arguably the most important aspect of the e-commerce experience. Luxury brands are defined by their heritage; a rich history of craftsmanship and design - and those aspects of the brand must be communicated online. U.S. respondents told McKinsey that they intend to buy about one-half of their luxury apparel and accessories online over the next year, a figure that is consistent across the UK and Germany — the online activity that’s considerably higher than global market average.

The fundamental challenge for new luxury brand targeting the U.S. affluent consumers is that their underlying value system has changed. In the mindset of affluent Americans, the qualities that luxury brands have used traditionally to drive appeal and demand for their brands is meaningless. Old luxury is, well, old and its ideas are outmoded. Today’s affluent Americans demand luxury in a brand-new style. The new luxury is functional and practical, not extravagant and excessive.

The traditional positioning for luxury brands has taken on a sinister hue being associated with the demonized 1%-ers. Speaking in political terms, traditional luxury brand positioning has high negatives associated with elitism, extravagance, conspicuous consumption, exclusivity, and status seeking. Contemporary affluent consumers are looking for a more understated expression of luxury. Rather than conspicuous consumption and status symbols that proclaim one’s wealth, customers are embracing brands that give them bragging rights to how smart a shopper he or she is.

The key problem in the luxury market today is that luxury brands are out of touch with the evolving mindset and values of affluent consumers.

• The rapidly growing base of consumers with plenty of money to spend look at what the luxury brands offer and see that they are heavy on marketing, but light on authentic values that actually mean something to them.

• Affluent consumers crave luxury in a modern style and brands that give it to them will get their business - while those that remain stuck in the past will continue to see their sales slide. This calls for luxury brands to recognize that now the consumers, not the designers or brand managers, are the final arbiters of luxury. That means understanding that luxury has a new meaning for consumers who are looking for innovative ways to express and live a luxury lifestyle.

Two main factors will dictate which brands carve out a piece of the $12 billion increase in the luxury marketplace for the next few years: creativity & storytelling. At our core, we are social creatures and we crave connection. We don’t wear a Brand just because the fabric is soft or it makes us look good. We wear these pieces of art because something about the brand speaks to us. We wear it to express ourselves. We wear it to tell our own story. A brand needs to be relatable and more importantly, experiential. A mindset that the target audience can relate to, connect with, and embody.

To reach our market, we will create social media in the brand’s image - a living, breathing extension. Each post is just a chapter in the Frantzi story. Each picture reveals a little more about the brand. Each video leaves clues on who the Frantzi woman really is. Our vision is to make the social media a digital magazine - a new age catalog made for the Frantzi woman. A place where they can come get inspired, connect with the content, and discover new ways to create themselves.

Our social media plan has a 3-Pronged Approach to build the Frantzi brand:

Product Placement: Use product placement in tasteful snapshots from the lives of Frantzi women.

Brand Storytelling: Use narratives to relate and connect to our target audience on an intimate, emotional level to encourage buy-in and brand loyalty.

Seamless Experience: Use social media to organize our collections in live catalogs that funnel visitors to specialized landing pages for an easy, seamless shopping experience.

To accomplish this, we came up with 3 Main Campaigns under original hashtags that we would own. Each hashtag organizes the content into a series for a memorable storytelling experience.

#WhoIsFrantzi: A storytelling campaign following mystery women who embody the Frantzi brand spirit and wear perfect Frantzi Fits.

#WantTheWorld: An inspiration campaign diving into the mindset of the Frantzi woman, empowering women around the world to live life to the fullest.

#InsideFrantzi: A series of behind-the-scenes videos giving people a glimpse

 into the world of Frantzi, piece-by-piece.

When someone clicks on a hashtag, they’re taken to an RSS feed of alike content for them to continue that narrative and to further explore the Frantzi brand and lifestyle - a smooth discovery experience for any interested party.

To back up the content strategy and accelerate the growth, we will add fuel to the fire in two main ways:

Influencer Outreach: A dedicated influencer outreach strategy designed to get the tastemakers to wear and share Frantzi with their following.

Boosting Posts: To raise awareness and grow Frantzi into the mainstream’s eye we will use a modest advertising budget to boost our posts and effectively reach our target market.


Our Strategy is to create an exceptional buying experience featuring the highest quality apparel available.

• Implement automated marketing & commerce practices to lower customer acquisition costs, and increase operational efficiency.

• Increase purchase frequency and conversion ratio via logic and AI.

• Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction through a well-designed, efficient, and fun shopping experience.

• Provide a smooth, elegant experience that is seamless in every way and lets the customer control their preferences.

Our entire online presence is designed for a smooth, pleasurable buying experience. The social media organizes each collection in live catalogues that funnel visitors to specialized landing pages for an easy, seamless journey from inspiration to purchase. The website features a quick load time, high-class design, easy navigation, and secure transactions to maximize the user experience. Everything is tailored to each customer’s specific needs, featuring personalization based on their browsing and buying history for an immersive, intuitive experience designed to keep the consumer coming back for more.

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