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Laptop Tracker

Project No: #19253
Capital needed
USD 30,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100
Country: USA
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Facility to track a stolen or missing laptop. Fits inside the laptop.Has internal re-chargeable battery. Has storage on tracker. Uses GSM to communicate. Tracker can be used as a GSM modem
What you offer to investors?: Every investment of $100.00 will entitle the investor to 1 share of the profits of the business. There will be a maximum of 10000 shares issued. The investor will also have the option of purchasing 1 laptop tracker at cost.

The laptop tracker is a device that
fits inside a laptop and that can track the laptop should it be stolen or
mislaid. The tracker has the following features, some of them unique.

1)      The tracker is a
small device that fits inside a laptop by using the M.2 interface that has now
become the port of choice for laptop manufacturers. This port has now been made
available by the majority of laptop manufacturers. So all new laptops will have
this port available during the next couple of years.  The M.2 slot
has replaced the PCMCIA slot that was normally provided on laptops and was a
port that could be accessed from outside the laptop. The M.2 port can only be
accessed from inside the laptop. This improves the security of the tracker as
it cannot just be removed like a PCMCIA card or a USB device plugged into a USB
port.  The M.2 port can accommodate various size devices, but the
tracker makes use of the 22:80 size. This means that the tracker’s size cannot
be bigger than 22mm by 80mm. The depth of the slot is normally less than 10mm.
The M.2 slot has 3 variations (B, M and B+M) and the tracker utilizes the B+M
option so that any slot configuration can be used. The tracker fits inside this
slot without interference.

2)      The tracker has its
own internal battery and this battery provides power should the laptop battery
be removed. Normally if a laptop is stolen, the thieves will usually remove the
battery first so that they can prevent any devices that might be installed on
the hard drive is thus disabled. A lot of laptop companies provide some sort of
tracking software but for this to work, the laptop has to be powered. So if you
steal the laptop, remove the battery, then you would not be tracked, except if
you have one of our trackers installed. The M.2 slot provides power from the
laptop and this power is used to charge the tracker’s battery. While the laptop
has power, the tracker will work off the laptops battery until this is removed
whereupon it moves over to the trackers own battery. This tracker battery will
provide power for tracking the laptop for between 36 and 48 hours. This is
sufficient time for the laptop to be recovered by a dedicated company. The
tracker battery will be soldered into the PC board to make it difficult for
anyone to remove the battery.

3)      The M.2 slot has
numerous connections on the interface and amongst others it has both USB 2.0
and USB 3.0 interfaces available. Tracker makes use of the USB 2.0 interface to
provide connection to the laptop. Tracker has a SD card on the unit and this SD
card is used to provide file storage. While tracker is installed, the laptop
will see the SD card as an additional hard drive and this drive can then be
used to store sensitive information. If the laptop is stolen or missing, the
user can call the tracker using GSM and the user can then access the SD card
and recover the files stored on the card remotely. If the data is sensitive the
user can then also delete the data on the card.

4)      The tracker unit
makes use of numerous ways of tracking. These include GPS, A-GPS, LBS and
Wi-Fi. The way the tracker communicates is by using GSM.

5)      The tracker has an
accelerometer built in that will activate the tracker as well as the facility
to set up a geo-fence. The tracker can also be activated by sending a message
to it via SMS. Tracker even has the facility to switch on a small microphone
and to record any sound from the Mic. Tracker will immediately send its last
co-ordinates should it be removed from the M.2 slot.

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