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Capital needed

Project No: #19260
Capital needed
USD 300,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 150000
Country: USA
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We are a full service shop here we offer engineering, 3d printing, full tool shop with CNC mills, EDM, and Grinder. We have 15 injection presses from 30 ton to 175 ton. Our product line that we are developing will be a high volume product. We are also wanting to branch out into the Medical field with Bone Plates, Bone Shavers, and medical tools
What you offer to investors?: We would like to offer the investor 30% share of our company for $300000 or 15% for $150000

We are an Injection molding facility with 15 injection presses, Tool room, and engineering department. We are looking to buy new equipment to keep up with orders. We are looking for investors to help us grow our business. We are located in SW Florida and own our building and all of our present equipment. We have plenty of room here to grow into. We are developing our own line of products and we also have contract work . We are getting very busy and need to hire people and need more CNC's and New Injection Molding Presses.

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