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Direct equity opportunity with an 8% yield + 6% stakeholder status. Projected IRR is 30.24%

Project No: #19329
Capital needed
USD 2,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: $25,000
Country: USA
State: Illinois
Reason for needing Capital: New Acquisitions
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Proceeds from the IPO will be used as follows:

Initial tranche: $40M to be used by the Fintech company for marketing, sales, business development and boarding related personnel to expand its U.S institutional client base, and similar type international ones, which are banks, broker/dealers, funds, pension schemes, HFT firms and clearing firms.

Second tranche: Allocated when Series I achieve $10M in EBITDA. The post-money valuation will be $120M.
What you offer to investors?: When fully allocated, our equity cost basis will be $10.98/unit. The convertible note equity opt-in will be at $7.75/unit, which is a projected 42% discount.

Through a M&A event or self-initiated exit of $250M, the projected ROI for convertible note holder is 3.15X initial capital.

February 6, 2019

For those viewing and/or considering participation in our bridge loan or convertible note opportunity, my pleasure to share the following:

>  Revenue: $30.95M, a 75% increase over 2017>  EBITDA:  $7.98M, a 266% increase over 12/17 projections>  R&D
Product: Artificial Intelligence (AI) on budget and time - 1Q
integration  to their suite of predictive and data analysis functions  

Over the past 12 months, we have
been progressing toward a $60M+ IPO event that will feature a company solidly
positioned in the Fintech space. 2018 revenue growth is up 42% YoY at $26M+.  Year end EBITDA performance at $7M+, or 53% higher than 2017. 

Why the increases? Product R&D projects, over the past two years, have been fully integrated into their exist suite of critical solutions for the $20T U.S. buy-side industry.

In addition, an intuitional related product focused on liquidity, market execution and price discovery was introduced in 4Q 2017. It was named a 2018 Best Product for its category, that addressed a critical trading issue for institutions.     


Our relationship with this nine-year old company goes back
3 years. During '16 and '17 R&D projects, while incurring challenging
market conditions, we remained dedicated to becoming their PE partner. They
have now positioned their buy-side industry solutions-based technologies, to
include AI predictive analysis components, that will be released in 1Q 2019. When released, it will be a catalyst to future earnings and profitability.  Based on its features and complementary enhancement capabilities, we are projecting EBITDA to reach $10M over the next 12-18 mos. versus an original projection of 24-36 mos. .     


Our timeline for the event is 1Q 2019.  Our legal counsel will be Matheson; the admin is DMS Governance, with
BNY Mellon acting in support of custodian, reporting and treasury operations.
Independent banks and/or broker dealers are being evaluated for issuing our
$50M in profit participation notes (PPNs). Proceeds will be used to acquire
our an non-dilutive equity stake. By participation in our convertible note or bridge loan opportunities, you will direct benefit as a preferred  equity stakeholder.    


The  $2M convertible
note, that features an 8% yield, paid semi-annually, plus an equity opt-in with
a projected IRR of 30.24%, over a 2 Yr. maturity. Participation starts at $25,000. 

The bridge loan opportunity has a one (1) year maturity; an 8% yield paid semi-annually and a capital gain incentive of 20% of the underlying investment participation. Warrants will be included in the terms and conditions that will be discounted at 25% of our equity unit pricing.    


Proceeds will be used to finalize the 1Q 2019 PE transaction, in addition to creating a  Fintech II  acquisition, in the range of $50M-$80M. The subsequent candidate is a 10 yr.  seasoned and evolving company, we consider to be  a "hidden champion".
It is quickly capturing market share, through its "new credit asset class" structure.  At year end 2019, we project transaction
volume to reach $5B. 


EY recently issued a report on our primary PE interest. Within Page 5 of our Executive Summary, it describes how this is the new trend in Fintech. We enthusiastically agree with EY, ours is a right time, right place opportunity. 


For more
insight, please see our 4Q 2018 Update for details. Within our Executive Summary, the profiles of our team members and respective industry backgrounds are highlighted. Cumulatively, our senior management team's experience spans 70+ years. 

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