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Load funds in Escrow agency where our Working capital is locked

Project No: #19340
Capital needed
USD 608,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: Serbia
Reason for needing Capital: Debt Refinance
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Load funds into Escrow agency , so we get our transaction key and withdraw capital.
We repay after 48h max, with 20% comission to investor.
Proof of Invoice and Proof of funds will be provided privately on Telegram chat or via email.
What you offer to investors?: We offer 20% RoI after 48h for funding our Escrow account in order to release WORKING CAPITAL locked for over a year.

Due to Bitcoin ban in China, in Aug-Sep 2017, an under-company of Huobi we've rented BTC miners with has been force-closed and has loaded mined  investors coins into reputable widely-used Escrow agency, untill they clear remaining Invoice bills. We are one of them, and are struggling more than a year in aquiring this amount due to year-long bear market and constant losses due to locked funds + Escrow monthly fees for holding our funds + expanses that occured during our capital lock...This is very private, and we been avoiding to ask anyone who is not part of crypto and trading business  untill now when we don't see any other solution then to open crowdfunding and to offer great reward to those who decide to help us... We have very significan amount of bitcoins locked there untill we load Invoice amount into Escrow... This is very serious deal for those looking to start year with some quick huge profit made in 48h max ! Only "problem" is we can payout only in bitcoins in that period, if you wish to be paid back in FIAT , then we would need atleast few more days to sell that amount to our bank account and then send to you with profit commission.

For quicker response and deal add me on Telegram or WhatsApp: 

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