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Juice & Smoothie Bar Start Up Funding Needed

Project No: #19402
Capital needed
USD 58,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10.000
Country: USA
State: Texas
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Prime market area in high development moode. Minimal Competition. Potential unlimited. After doing research and reaching out to competitors the projected annual profit is consistent with existing businesses and many seek to start a second or third location within 1.5-2 yrs after being open. Great Location in mind in heavy traffic area.
What you offer to investors?: Mature owner, with a desire to make her dreams come to reality. Human Resources, Customer Service, Business Management, Accounting skills . Significant other has 25 yrs experience in food distribution services and knowledge base when dealing with inventory and vendors/suppliers.
Business plan:

Executive summary

I need a Start Up Loan
Unsecured Business Loan.  I would consider Equity Funding with up to
10-15% the profits going back to the investor for a limited time until the
loan is paid up.   I would also be open to a loan/line of credit option with
approx. $55,000 loan and $30,000 line of credit availability. 

I will be teaming up with Performance Food Center (PFC)
(a division of Simple Again Natural Healthy Foods) to bring a Juice and
Smoothie Bar to my hometown in Texas.

Offering the highest quality, all-natural foods, drinks &

On the cutting edge of Nutrition, Health & Wellness Education

Operating high-grade commercial equipment

Changing lives…Making people healthier! 

To become a contributor to the community, giving back in such avenues as
providing donations going to Back to School Needs and Christmas Angels for
local area children

PFC has helped establish approximately 1600 juice bars across the
county. All individually owned and is not a franchise business but does offer
full support to get the business up and going including: start up packages, design,
construction, Health Department Requirements, Marketing, equipment, products
and ongoing support.

The target market will be High School Athletes, Teachers,
health conscious adults with the only competition being Smoothie King which is
about 5 miles away.  The next closest competition
would be JuiceLand that current only has three locations in Houston
approximately 40 miles away.

Preferred location would be located in a new shopping center
that is located on an intersection of two major roads with heavy traffic,
highly visible and easily accessed -current lease space available for
approximate 2000 sq ft. or less, with ample parking.  The ideal store front would be in the parking
lot of this shopping center in a tiny house setup that has approximately 400
sq. ft. and would allow for drive thru options and lower rent options, if
approved by the land owner.

I have
done my research, and spoken with competitors in other towns, I know that these
types of businesses are very successful producing annual profits of at least
$150,000.  Many businesses have been in business several years (15 yrs for
one particular competitor in the same location) and many owners opt to open
multiple locations after a year or so in business.  This area is a prime
market that would provide a secure and steady business.  There is only a
competitor that is about 5 miles away within a 30 radius.

Business Opportunities

Total available market:  Outlying Houston Area is experiencing a
grow and development phase and is very supportive of new businesses coming into
the area. 

The area houses two 5A High Schools (Each high
school has approximately 2000 students on average and the staff to support
these student bodies.  There are several
elementary schools and one large Junior High.

The target market will be young adults, High
School Athletes, Teachers and any other health conscious adult who prefers to
lead a more natural and healthier lifestyle by choosing natural products
without a lot of artificial ingredients. 
Also, targeted market will be travelers on a busy Hwy that are passing
through the town.

The town is centrally located between College
Station and Conroe, TX and is on a major HWY. 

Little to no competition- Smoothie King five
miles away.

The total
available market is ultimately limitless.   



Revenue Streams:

Vitamins, Supplements

Pre-packaged Salads for quick Grab-n-Go Lunches
and Healthy Snacks

Seasonal Items such as Cappuccino’s, Hot
Chocolate, Teas

Outside Catering Opportunity for Business
Meetings, Sporting Events, School Events, Festivals, Comedy Nights at the Juice


Share of Market:  The number of customers that I believe could
be reached would be at least 50-80
customers per day
operating six days a week focusing on a schedule similar to
school hours of operations (open around 6am and closing around 7pm). 

Company Financials

Example of profit:

 Smoothie 100% Crushed Fruit Puree (Juice Bar Option)

• Each case
will yield an avg. of 54 shakes @ 20 finished oz.

• Each case
cost $77.92 for an avg. of $1.44/shake Dr. Smoothie Café Essentials

• Each bag
will yield an avg. of 43 shakes @ 20 finished oz.

• Each bag
cost $19.06 for an avg. of $0.44/shake swiig Supplements

•  Core Supplements vary in cost and most have
90 servings per bottle

• Each
Supplement has an average cost/serving of $0.19

• Each
Protein Supplement has an average cost/serving of $0.73 Average Shakes Per Day:

100 Puree $1.44 Cup/Lid/Straw $0.19 Total Cost Per Shake $1.63

Retail Sell Price $5.00 Profit Per Shake $3.37 Your Daily Profit $337.00


blended with Protein and other Supplements (Additional Add Ins-Smoothie Option).

Average Shakes Per Day:

100 Puree & Café Essentials $1.09 Cup/Lid/Straw $0.19
Protein Supplements $0.73 Core Supplements $0.19 Total Cost Per Shake $2.20

 Retail Sell Price $6.50 Profit Per
Shake $4.30 Your Daily Profit $430.00


30 days/month with a daily profit of $430.00 that yields $12,900.00 a month extending to an annual profit of $156,950.00


Estimated Monthly Gross Revenue/Net Profit   

Revenue                                                        12,900.00

Rent/Tax/ Insurance                                      -


Operating Expenses                                        -1500.00

Salary                                                                  -3500.00             

Estimated Monthly Net Profit                                                 6500.00                                                                          

loan requirements

$60,000 is being
requested for a startup business loan for 48 months:

(first month rent and deposit)   $1000x2= $2000(there is 24,000 allotted toward
finishing out store)

Starter Kit
that includes construction and design= $28,000

: Platinum Kit $7499 (everything needed including marketing and
equipment for up to 500 shakes), Women Only Package (special supplements for
Women’s Health) $4395, Smoothie
Package (supplements) $4899= Total
Product Cost approximately $17,000

(deposit + 200) = $400

IT Needs
Website, Computer, Credit Card Device and Software approximately $2,500

Register- $250

for LLC with State of Texas - $400



Line of Credit Needed
- $30,000 to cover initial operating costs for 3 months

Repayment to start
day 61 after business opens with a monthly repayment (loan plus interest/48
months = approximately $1500-2000).


The goal is to have the business opened by end of 2018

My team

Background- I am a single
mother of 3 children.  I am needing to
make a career change and leave the corporate world for a simpler lifestyle that
will allow me to purse a 10-year dream of mine of owning my business. I
have reached a point in my life that it is time to leave the corporate world
and soon for health reasons, needing a simpler life style with more focus
on family and actually living life rather than being tied down behind a desk
for 14-hour days at a dead-end job, busting my butt and only struggling to get
by which is creating health related issues. After a lot of soul searching and
prayers, I know that this is the career path that I am supposed to
pursue.  This will allow me to be able to give back to the community, use
my God given talents of serving and helping others while in a niche that was
designed for me and is my passion.  


I am also a naturalist who believes in leading a healthy
lifestyle and eating, would rather have nature’s healing powers rather than
receive medication.  This is in direct
relation to PFC mission. 

I have 20 plus years experience with, Customer Service,
Accounting and Human Relations from the corporate world that will be very
transferable knowledge and skills for the business. 

I will be the sole operator of the business, but I will be
recruiting family to assist with running the business at first until I can
afford to hire staff members.  My
boyfriend has 25 yrs in the food distribution and will be providing valuable
knowledge on maintaining and replenishing inventory and assisting with
providing excellent customer service to our clients. 

This combination is a win -win and would be a passion rather
than a job for us.

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