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The Follow Your Bliss Foundation

Project No: #19435
Capital needed
USD 50,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50,000
Country: USA
State: Arizona
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: The Mastership Alignment Series
A children's e-book that was adapted from a trilogy of animated screenplays.
What you offer to investors?: Negotiable percentage.
Additional documents:

About me:
I am an award winning singer/songwriter whose performance career was cut short due to the TBI from a prescription medication.  I founded two non-profits, volunteered for countless community services for kids such as Make A Wish Foundation, Children's Hospital and Valley Big Brother Big Sisters.  I had a children't entertainment company for years, a pet sitting business and taught voice and piano to children of all ages.

About the project:
I started the Follow Your Bliss Foundation after being put on a cocktail of medications for PTSD like many veterans.  I started having major health issues including black outs that resulted in a TBI, homelessness and serious health issues.  I was turned down twice for V.A.disability and wasn't getting enough to live on with SSDI.

The withdrawal from these medications was the worst nightmare that I had ever been through, and the doctors appeared to be uninformed as to the problems associated with people coming off of these drugs.  I quickly found many other people in online support groups that were going through the same horrible experiences.  

So I started this business as a way to find some kind of self paced work from home that I could manage the health issues I have and help others that were needing assistance with coming off these drugs.  

Our website provides videos and blogs for thousands of people looking for answers to these problems, and we educate them on how to manage stress through yoga, meditation, diet and lifestyle change.

I have a nutrition guide that I wrote that teaches people how to eat healthy sweets without sugar, that we also make available on our blog.

I just finished radiation therapy for cancer and believe stress and diet are the two biggest contributing factors to the rise in cancer in our society.  So that was my motivation for writing this book, in addition people who have trouble in withdrawal need better nutrition.

I am in the process of finishing a children't e-book that is based on a trilogy of animated screenplays to help empower children to understand they don't need all of these drugs they are giving them to live happy, fulfilled lives doing something they excel at.

We also just launched a T.V. channel that has interviews with people developing non-drug healing products and services as well as videos on how the drug companies have taken over our healthcare system and control the entire system.
 If you click on the channel drop down menu, we are World Rejuvenation T.V.
Channel 26

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