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Recycling copper wire

Project No: #19440
Capital needed
GBP 2,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1000
Country: United Kingdom
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Recycling copper waste wire. Quick turnaraound, quick payment, opportunities all over Europe and beyond. Doubling of initial investment within first shipment and highly scalable business.
What you offer to investors?: Within 3 months double their initial investment back, dependent obviously on sales.

If investors willing to increase their initial investment after this period then the same terms but with an agreed upon equity in the business going forward or until a mutually agreed figure is decided upon.

My business is the recycling of dry bright copper wire, commonly called Milberry wire which is 99.9% pure copper. This type fetches the highest recycling premium within the UK of approx. £4000 per metric ton. 

As copper wire is used in industry (for example, to fasten packing crates etc.) it is often more of a hindrance to a company and seen as industrial waste. Copper does not degrade with recycling but retains all of its key components and can be recycled again and again with no loss. The business would involve liaising with suppliers all over Europe, and with scope for further afield, purchasing the copper wire waste then either having it collected or transported to the nearest recycler. EMR group one of the largest has depots worldwide and provides collection services and instant bank transfer payment.

I have taken steps to start the business, registering Coppercyle Ltd and applying for a waste carrier's licence. I have also researched suppliers and their are several who offer the suitable upscaling but with small loads initially so low risk initial investment. To give an idea of the potential profit per metric ton: £1500-2000 inc. transportation (although in most cases this wouldn't be necessary initially as the suppliers will deliver to the required port). Therefore a potential of £2000-2500 profit per initial load. Obviously this can be re-invested to allow expansion and most of the suppliers I have researched have capability of 100 tonnes per month plus.

This is a green industry, taking industrial waste, recycling it so it can be re-used with no material loss. It is a scalable business, with a low initial investment and excellent returns. Once the links are established there is minimum outlay in terms of overseeing delivery and collection at key points. Payment is made via fast bank transfer which helps keep liquidity to enable speedy re-orders. 

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