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Start up technology manufacture

Project No: #19466
Capital needed
USD 750,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 300000
Country: USA
State: Oregón
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Enter the cannabis market without touching the plant and need for excessive capital infusions.
No licensing requirements.
Technology company with active R&D.
Solid concentrate extract is expected to reach $114M by 2025.
What you offer to investors?: Ground floor opportunity with a new technology start-up
Handsome equity stake or combination of equity/debt or equity/warrant type of transaction
Seat on Board of Directors and possible key management positions
Additional documents:

Adair Technologies Inc, is one of the most revolutionary and innovative technology companies on the planet. With projects under research that can easily scale to other business sectors.
Adair Technologies [Adair Technologies], with offices in California and Oregon, is a start-up
company founded for the purpose of creating the first truly portable aromatherapy and
concentrates reservoir device for the cannabis market.
Our solution focuses on meeting the needs of three types of customers - companies engaged in
cannabis industry worldwide, retail cannabis consumers. For the first time ever, customers will
be able to discreetly consume their favorite concentrate on the go without having to carry the
messy dab tools and extra product, with Adair you have it in the reservoir. The days of true
"Dabbing in the Go" are here to stay. Such a device is not yet available anywhere in the
aromatherapy and cannabis concentrates industries, and we intend to dominate these
The Concept
The mission of Adair Technologies is to provide consumers a portable, reusable “true” reservoir
device that will turn solid cannabis concentrate into the state it was when first made (liquid)
allowing for the user to vape and go with no need for a flame source, outlet or base carrier oil
to dilute

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