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High Return Private Cemetery

Project No: #19489
Capital needed
USD 1,100,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 67000
Country: South Africa
State: KwaZulu-Natal
Reason for needing Capital: New Acquisitions
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: High return with MOU in place from funeral directors and active tombstone business already running being merged into our company
What you offer to investors?: Share Holders estimated returns
Profit 2020 R145.91/share 14.59% Return p.a
Profit 2021 R661.63/share 66.16% Return p.a
Profit 2022 R920.70/share 92.07% Return p.a
Profit 2023 R994.36/share 99.43% Return p.a
Profit 2024 R1 073.90/share 107.39% Return p.a
Business plan:

S***** (PTY) LTD – S. Projects Holding Company (Proprietary) Limited
is the Holding Company of all the Divisions of Serenity Memorial Parks,
Maintenance, Tombstones & Manufacturing as well as Sereni-Tea
(Coffee shops).

Noticing the shortage of burial space and also to provide a
special cemetery strategically placed to offer your loved ones the best
resting place without it having to cost and arm and a leg. Serenity
Memorial Parks have the perfect place for you. With our first Project
opening 2019 we are already accepting sales (pre-sales) for future
burials due to there being a limited space for normal dug out graves. We
also will provide different burial options, under ground
crypts,mausoleum, ash graves and walls of remembrance.

Our mission is to keep our environment impact to a minimum
with tests we perform and following the Department of Environmental
Affairs guidelines and regulations to keep our private cemeteries
harmless to the environment but still respecting the cultural and
traditional values of our societies.

We respect all faiths and religions and anyone is welcome to
be buried in our cemeteries which are guarded 24 hours a day 365 days a
year. Special arrangements can be made with the relevant Serenity
Memorial Park for after hour services.

Serenity Memorial Park – Ashburton, is a privately owned and
managed private cemetery located in South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, near
Pietermaritzburg, in the suburb of Ashburton. The farm where
SMP-Ashburton is located, is a total of 143ha with 30ha utilized for the
graves, whilst the rest of the farm is preserved as a natural animal
habitat nature reserve. It is set about 8km from Pietermaritzburg, and
2.5km from the center of Ashburton.

We will also have different venues available from Chapels to
stretch tents and Gazebos for burial services or memorial services. If
you would need these services please inquire with the SMP reception.

Our tombstones will be manufactured at Serenity Memorial Park
Ashburton and be available to customers outside our memorial park as
well as other towns in and around KwaZulu Natal.

Serenity Memorial Parks are not just reserved for people from that area but can be from anywhere in South Africa or the World.


•Shortage of burial space in the Pietermaritzburg Municipal Area
•Prices of private Cemeteries in the Area and South Africa
•Distance from Pietermaritzburg
•Safety and security in Cemeteries
•Recycling of graves
•Acceptance and recognition of all cultures and burial methods
•Maintenance fees


•Phase 1 of Serenity memorial Park – Ashburton will provide minimum of 60 000 burial plots.
•Competitive prices in range with private grave in Municipal cemeteries.
•A mere 8km from Pietermaritzburg.
•24 Hour Security 365 days a year.
•Cultural diversity frowns upon recycling of graves we offer new graves and do not recycle graves.
•Variety of burial options; mausoleum, crypts, ash graves, wall of remembrance and eco pod burials.
•Maintenance fees are included in the price and will be held in trust.


•50 Funeral Directors in Pietermaritzburg requiring burial space
•Variety of burial options provides us with a bigger market segment
•Only cemetery with space for burials in and around Pietermaritzburg.
•Private customers & Funeral directors from all cultural and religious back grounds.
•Any persons wanting Family burial estates.


Serenity Memorial ParkTombstone ManufacturingSereni-Tea (Coffee shop)Chapel & Tent Hire


The SPHC (Pty) Ltd team is made up of strong and determined team
with management, financial, accounting and sales back ground just to
mention a few.Passion and dedication of the team will ensure success with each phase and project we take part in.We have strategically placed the individuals where they would be the most value to the company.


Extensive Market research has confirmed that 50 Funeral directors are registered with the NFDA in Pietermaritzburg40 of the Funeral Directors have confirmed they would purchase
burial plots on a weekly basis, we calculated the sales at a minimum of
10 per funeral director a month.With some of the funeral directors doing up to 120 funerals a week the calculations have been done below average.Due to shortage of burial space in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding
areas a large number of burial plots will be purchased from us.The Local Municipality have shown interest in purchasing burial plots from us.


The following Assessments have been done and have shown in favor of our project:Geo-Hydrological AssessmentGeo-technical AssessmentFlora AssessmentHeritage Impact AssessmentFauna AssessmentWetland & Channel Delineation

Invest from R1000 per share

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