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Property development

Project No: #19571
Capital needed
USD 1,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 140000
Country: South Africa
State: Gauteng
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Our company currently owns a piece of land and in need of capital in order to build apartments. The investor/s who wish to work with us will also get support from our company if they wish to invest in other business interests. we will as a company manage those business interests if the investor/s wishes of us.
What you offer to investors?: Investors will have the option of being a working business partner or whether they seek interest from their investment.
Business plan:
Executive summary:

Property development company that has a thought of fifteen year plan to grow into a blue chip company with a vast property portfolio. We seek an investor or investors that we can build a great business partnership with.

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