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Threedeemee Fundraiser

Project No: #19599
Capital needed
GBP 350,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1000
Country: United Kingdom
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Threedeemee has developed a system to create avatars using any digital video recording system which for which patent protection has been applied for. Threedeemee feels this associated technology and public acceptance has advanced to a point that commercialization for specific industries is now possible and have created Threedeemee Studios Bangkok as the technical hub for all operations to reduce costs by over 75%.
What you offer to investors?: Phase two funding is will commence from the 1st July 2019
Duration 60 Days Pre-money Valuation £816,666
Target of £350,000 Equity 30%
Minimal Investment £1000 Minimal Target £70,000 (
Maximum Target £350,000 No Over Funding.
Business plan:
Executive summary:
Additional documents:

Executive summary

Threedeemee Limited have been working on the development of
avatars in a customer’s own image for over 2 ½ years. The business objective is
to improve the experience for the purchase of online garments and accessories,
specifically to increase sales and reduce product returns. Customers will be
able, in the privacy of their own home, to create an avatar in their own image,
at no direct cost to them, and can try online retailer’s apparel. The avatars
will be developed in 1 more stage but within circa 6 months our expectation is
a premium avatar in the customer’s own image that can walk, rotate and sit
down. The avatar will be the exact physical likeness and most importantly the
exact physical measurements of the customer. The intent is to match the
avatar in the customers own image, with the retailers’ manufactured garment

Development Progress

Threedeemee has now completed our Prototype 3 demonstration
App that is intended to allow an Investor or Client to create an avatar of
themselves during the course of a 1-hour meeting to demonstrate one of our core
technologies. In short, this means that we can now prove that we are able
to derive the information needed to create accurate 3D avatars from a basic
mobile video device such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone within 45 minutes.


Phase 1 – Introductory Prototype 3D Avatar – COMPLETED

During this 6-month phase, Threedeemee created an automated scanning
methodology by means of proprietary algorithms using solely a digital mobile
device to derive accurate measurements of a person’s body to replicate a
person’s image with millimetre precision in the form of an avatar.

Phase 2 – Development of a fully automated the scanning methodology to the
3D Avatar –following 6 months

This phase is to develop the full automation of the scanning methodology to get
derived measurements and automatically create a 3D avatar in the customer’s own
image and reduce the time of creating the body image from its present 1-hour
process to seconds.

Intellectual Property

Threedeemee™ has just gone through a rigorous “Prior Art
Search” that included all potential competitors as well as many other methods
related to various scanning systems to create 3D base models and Avatars
involving various Gaming and E-commerce and associated platforms. A patent
application is pending at the UKIPO.

Tax relief

Threedeemee has previously received SEIS/EIS approval as an
EIS qualifying trade and will be applying for EIS approval again for all
investors who wish EIS tax relief at the end of this round of fundraising.


At a point in the future, when the business has grown
sufficiently and generated significant profitability, the intent will be for
Threedeemee Limited to organize the opportunity for an option to sell Threedeemee
Limited in its entirety, as a going concern; including any associated IP,
contracts and resources.

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