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Establish Hyperbaric Oxygen Clinics in USA

Project No: #19620
Capital needed
USD 1,600,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 200,000
Country: USA
State: Virginia
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Oxygen Health Clinics will establish up to 25 clinics as a financially sound business venture.
Each clinic will be equipped with durable, advanced-design Healing Chambers. The Company expects to invest up to $1.6M in each clinic with four unique monoplace chambers plus diagnostic tools, neurofeedback and stem cells therapies, appropriate treatment rooms and medical supplies. The Company expects each clinic will be cash-flow positive within six months of operation.
What you offer to investors?: Return of capital in each clinic within a 5 year period.
10% interest on funds drawn down.
20% equity position offered in each clinic to be established.
Revenue stream from each clinic for 10 years.
Extraordinary team of healthcare professionals.
Huge market opportunity.

The Clinic Opportunity


Healthcare in the United States is a complex, $3 trillion industry. Scaling healthcare
companies requires significant expertise and experience. Our team have been active
in healthcare for decades. We believe that our deep experience base and
extensive networks help us identify the most important trends and ideas in the
industry. These insights help to provide Oxygen Health Clinics with a
competitive advantage. As healthcare specialists, we can also better avoid the
many pitfalls that often plague other medical start-ups.


We are seasoned healthcare experts and therefore offer maximum value-add to the
individual Clinic management teams with whom we partner.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is an effective treatment for 14 conditions cleared by the U.S. Federal Drug
Administration: diabetic wound care, carbon monoxide poisoning, thermal burns,
crush injury, air
or gas embolism, gas gangrene, compartment syndrome, acute peripheral ischemias, enhanced
healing in selected problem wounds, exceptional blood loss anemia, necrotizing
soft tissue infections, osteomyelitis, delayed radiation injury (soft tissue
and bony necrosis), compromised skin grafts and flaps. Of these, the
most frequently seen and perhaps the most profitable are diabetic
foot wounds, problem wounds and delayed radiation injury.


In addition to the approved indications, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is effective for a many off-label
conditions. Off-label are conditions for which hyperbaric oxygen therapy is not
cleared by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and therefore not reimbursed
or paid by most insurers. Use of hyperbaric oxygen in these cases is by cash and
paid either by the patient or by donation.


The conditions for which HBOT is very effective include concussion, post-traumatic stress
disorder, traumatic brain injury, CTE, Lyme disease and neurological disorders.


Neurological conditions include stroke, epilepsy, senility, dementia and Alzheimers. There
has also been some effectiveness with Parkinsons and multiple sclerosis. These
are some of the most severe and disabling conditions affecting the most
vulnerable among us: first responders, contact-sport athletes, battered women,
anoxic babies and the elderly.


Off-label applies to drugs as to hyperbaric oxygen therapy although in the U.S. off-label drugs are
easier to access even though they only temporarily treat symptoms and do not
affect the underlying cause. On the other hand, hyperbaric oxygen therapy
treats the underlying cause and permanently relieves debilitating symptoms and
restores health. It clearly should be available for these conditions and there
is evidence it will be in the near future.


The federal government and numerous states are taking steps to expand insurance coverage for hyperbaric
oxygen therapy. As the number of conditions cleared for treatment by hyperbaric
oxygen therapy expands, existing hyperbaric oxygen clinics in the U.S. will experience
heightened demand and patient loads.


Clinics with hyperbaric oxygen therapy specializing on wound care, problem wounds and radiation injury and other
on-label conditions can be highly effective from the patient perspective with good
patient care and hyperbaric oxygen combining to improve quality of life and reduce
amputations to near zero.

In addition, they can be highly profitable with earnings in the high twenty percent range with four to eight mono-place (single-seat)
chambers. Earnings go higher when supplemented with income from diagnostic
procedures and neurofeedback and stem cell therapy treatments. 

I would like the opportunity of talking with you about how we can help so many by establishing clinics with our dedicated team of experts.

Appreciate your time to read and digest my post.

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