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QUK ADS is a Subsidiary Company of ONLINE MARKETING SERVICES. The name QUK ADS is a short form of telling Business People to Advertise Quickly.

Project No: #19673
Capital needed
USD 1,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 5000
Country: India
State: Andhra Pradesh
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Advertise Globally.
Get Located in Google Maps (Life Time).
Get a Business Video for Free.
Have your Business Video in YouTube (Life Time).
Get Customer Referrals.
Upload / Change Multiple times Photos, Videos & Descriptions.
Showcase your Business Information.
Tell the Present Offers going on.
Tell the Commissions you can give for generating Leads for you.
Get an Identity Locally & Globally.
Can Promote Your Business on your Own & Many More.
What you offer to investors?: Investors will get X% of returns based on their investments.

QUKADS provides a great platform for any Business Organization or Individual to promote their Business in a very easy manner in all different ways of digital or online marketing. There is no comparison like QUKADS provided services in India or Abroad. It's a GLOBAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY.

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