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Enterprise SaaS Business Operations Platform for SME’s

Project No: #19753
Capital needed
USD 750,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 35,000
Country: Singapore
State: Central Region
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: - Experienced executive leadership and development team assembled
- SaaS solution born from problems faced by all SME's
- Strong go-to-market proposition with ~20,000 SME introductions across SE Asia + country specific Franchises
- SUSD1m founders investment
- Compelling B2B marketplace only available to ServiceQUIK customers
What you offer to investors?: 1% equity in the company per USD$55,000 invested

This is sufficient working capital for the platform to onboard 10 businesses, at which point we will return to the market for SEED funding to complete the development, build out customer service and operations, and commence marketing.


Enterprise SaaS software platform for running and managing bookings & appointment-based businesses, globally. SQ simplifies and consolidates the business, marketing, customer experience, and technology processes into a single, easy to use and affordable software application.

In a world where SaaS products typically address individual business needs, for example, website design, inventory management, online booking platforms, loyalty programs, eCommerce, point of sale, finance, marketing etc the business owner is left with the arduous task to determine what products they need and how best to assemble them - resulting in compromise, complexity, and cost. No matter what the industry, every business has to compete through technology and without the right strategy, failure is more than likely.

ServiceQUIK delivers an elegant, comprehensive, affordable and simple to use SaaS-based Business Operations Platform in a one-stop-shop.  ServiceQUIK will become a major disruptor for SMEs and Professional Services firms globally.

All businesses that rely on bookings/appointments to sell services and/or products ie Clinics (medical, physio. aesthetic), Salons and Spas, (hair, beauty, skin) Health and Wellness (gyms, yoga, trainers), Professional Services and Consulting (business, coaches, accountants) and Other (automotive repairs, pet groomers, massage). The TAM for cloud-based application services is forecast by Gartner to reach $117B by 2021, with a CAGR of 18%. Of this, the SAM is estimated to be 40% from SME's at $50B. Using a conservative estimate of 10%, the Serviceable Obtainable Market would be ~$5B.

B2B Market Place with the potential to replace Facebook marketing for SME's, that leverages our AI-based machine learning to optimize cross-promotional opportunities using QUIKmarket's rich data.

SaaS Franchise Model: 
Country-based SaaS Master Service Agreements delivering accelerated revenue and reach.

Customer led design built natively for the cloud and designed for any bookings-based business in any market with configurable languages, currency, price, and branding.

AI and Continuous Business Improvements:

Leverage AI and machine learning for insights into customer experience, marketing, conversions, and employee retention improvements and insights.


- feature-rich and end to end capability

- 100% customer-led design

- client-branded mobile app

- Professional Services platform

- excellent UX and UI

- single integrated application

- ease of use

- multi-lingual

- global reach

- price


The founders have personally invested USD$1m into understanding the problem SME's and consulting firms suffer, identifying and market testing the solution, assembling an A Grade leadership and delivery team, designing the platform and identifying exceptional go-to-market opportunities. 
Significant analysis and testing of the user experience (UX) journeys across customer, client, and ServiceQUIK as a business have provided key input into the platform's design, user interface, and features.


- Proof of Concept is complete

- Prototype is complete

- Functional design is complete

- Website is complete

- Survey module is complete and in use

- MVP1 commenced

- Receiving letters of intent to purchase


Year 1:

- Deliver the LIGHT and ESSENTIAL versions within year 1 and bed in the platform

Year 2:

- Establish support, maintenance, and helpdesk

- Deliver the PRO, Professional Services and Franchise versions and 600 unit sales in year 2 and an ARR of USD$1.2m

- Use own clinic as a showcase and for testing

Year 3:

- Series A priced round

- international expansion, 4,500 unit sales by end of year 3 and an ARR of USD$8.7m

- Extend to SEA, EMEA, and The Americas

- SaaS Franchise

- Open up medical clinics as a new market for growth

- Release 5 x stand-alone ServiceQUIK products

- Grow Professional Services version

- Become CashFlow POSITIVE


USD$35,000 is due to Singapore private companies only permitted 50 shareholders

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