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VisualARise: touch the future of cars and beyond

Project No: #19754
Capital needed
USD 790,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: USA
State: Virginia
Reason for needing Capital: Research & Development
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: 1. Huge interest found at world top car makers.
2. Some car makers are even ready to spend $4+Bn to have this tech embedded in all their newly produced cars during 2021-2031.
3. Very strong team of world-class engineers (laser/optoelectronics), opticians, scientists, AI-experts.
4. Ready patent-pending technology concept design
5. This is world's first and unique technology that will disrupt the markets of Connected cars, Head-up displays (HUDs) and Human-machine interface (HMI)
What you offer to investors?: a. equity share;
b. profit share;
c. expected ROI is x30-32 times to invested capital (by 2025);
d. early-bird investor "boarding ticket" for those who's willing to support new disrupting technologies of the future
Business plan:
Executive summary:
Additional documents:


We're building a world's first and unique technology (4D imaging
holographic AR Head-up display) for global automotive market, that includes our
invented proprietary True holographic AR technology and world's most advanced
4D imaging radar. This will disrupt the markets of Connected cars, Head-up
displays and Human-machine interface (HMI). Without expensive sensors
(LiDARs, etc) we make every car become autonomous-ready, maximize driving
safety, bring the ultimate experience of driving in new world of holographic
AR. VisualARise is a cure of distracted driving. Thanks to VisualARise
technology, number of car accidents can be reduced by up to 80% globally.


Our mission is to change the paradigms of how we drive a car and
how we interact with machines and environment. 


We were recently selected in "Top-40 Best technological startups of the Year (2019) in Europe  to watch for" (by Hightech-Startbahn, Germany, Dresden).


Our Team includes world-class electronics engineers, scientists,
opticians and AI-experts with background from Samsung Electronics, Intel,
WayRay, IBM. Majority of our Team have Ph.D. and M.Sc. degrees in
Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, PMP degrees in Project management,
MBA titles of EU Universities. Optics Team brings to VISUALARISE their 20+
years’ experience in scientific R&D in holography, optics/lasers,
microelectronics with 20+ patents.



a) exclude distracted driving, b) maximize driving safety, c)
bring ultimate experience of driving within new holographic AR world (no
wearables!), d) lowest cost of ownership on the market (=price of a
smartphone). We achieve this by means of our proprietary technology based on
special holographic optical elements and holographic photo-polymer film (with
special developed chemical formula) applied on a car windshield.



Technology will have 2 production versions (aftermarket and

Primary business model is B2B Technology partnership contracts
with all world Auto OEMs (car makers, trucks makers, bus makers), some of Tier1
suppliers (like Bosch, Samsung/Harman, JVC Kenwood etc.). This is valid for
"embedded" version of device manufacturing. Having price comparable
to an average smartphone price, "embedded" version will be available
not only for luxury cars (as is today's situation with advanced head-up
displays), but for all types and classes of cars as well as for trucks and
buses. Secondary business model is B2C selling to consumers (direct sales
or channel sales via car rentals, car dealers). This is valid for
"aftermarket" version of device manufacturing.
"Aftermarket" version will be available for every driver / car owner,
by the price comparable to an average smartphone price. For
"aftermarket" version we also expect subscription-based sales business
model (we call it "Technology-as-a-Service" (TaaS)). Our marketing
differentiator is availability for the whole automotive market.



We plan to start sales in 2021. Projected revenue in 2021 =
$32.15M, EBIT = $1.78M; in 2025, Revenue = $3.578Bn, EBIT = $1,624.4M.



Imaging right over-the-road virtual AR images for all important
vehicle / environment / points-of-interest data ("image-as-you-go"),
driver doesn't need to move his/her eyes off the road. 


DIFFERENTIATORS (our unique): 

- "natural eye depth viewing" effect; 

- built-in ultra-high-res 4D imaging radar; 

- "4D imaging" of objects around the car (= 3D shapes +
speed vector), 

- "all weather" (incl.heavy



- largest field-of-view (30° x 10°), 

- smallest volume (up to 6 liters), 

- longest projection distance (<25m), 

- best sensing capabilities (built-in).


Our strategic goal is to become in 5 years global leader in holographic
AR technologies.



Strategic product diversification moves in 2-3 years:

- into autonomous vehicles (AVs) market: a) "virtual
(holographic) assistant cockpit"; b) "autonomous driving

- beyond automotive: a) "virtual (holographic) plant
cockpit"; b) "virtual air dispatching tower"; c) "virtual
Trading Center navigation"; d) "virtual ship cockpit".


Both investment options are acceptable - equity investments and
convertible notes. 

Join us to touch the future of cars and

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