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The Future Of Moving

Project No: #19758
Capital needed
USD 150,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 25,000
Country: USA
State: California
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: Profitable
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: - Fast-growing market place for the moving industry (Uber for moving)
- We connect people that need a truck with people hat have a truck
- Looking for $150K seed money to boost sales and marketing
- Investment vehicle: Convertible not or SAFE
What you offer to investors?: - Investment opportunity through convertible note or SAFE
- Cashflow positive for the last 6 months
- Looking for investors that are also willing to be advisors (not mandatory but additional viewpoints and extra advice would be greatly appreciated!)
Executive summary:
Additional documents:

You bought or signed a lease on a new home. You are excited to move. But you also dread it. Should you move everything yourself? Or hire a moving company? But where can you find good trustworthy movers? Maybe you had some bad experiences in the past. If you are feeling stressed, you are not alone! A recent study[1] revealed that 23% of Americans think that moving is more stressful than planning a wedding. Twenty-seven percent think it’s more stressful than a job interview, and more than one in 10 (13 percent) even go as far as to say they would prefer a week in jail to moving.

That is why we created MoveBIG, a fast-growing on-demand marketplace for the moving industry.

What We Do

We could describe MoveBIG’s services as “truck and muscle, anytime you need it,” but the easiest way of thinking about it would be as “Uber for moving.” We connect people that need a truck with people that have a truck.  Our typical customer is young and doesn’t have a lot of stuff to move, but enough that It will require a few people to help, just not enough for a typical moving company to make it worth their while. These young adults (18 to 34) migrate more than anyone else, making up 43% of our country’s total moves, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That means a lot of packing up and moving, sometimes multiple times a year.

To address this opportunity, MoveBIG created an “on-demand” marketplace that makes bad moving experiences a thing of the past, as we connect users instantly with local reliable movers offering a variety of services at attractive rates. 

We launched the beta version of our app in August 2018 to provide a transparent platform for customers and movers. We are constantly expanding to more areas while growing our team of movers, mentoring freelancers who want to start their own moving business, and providing a great moving experience to every single customer.

We intend to globally impact the moving industry one move at a time.

How We Monetize Our Services 

MoveBIG makes money by charging a service fee on every transaction that runs through our platform. Using a 15% fee, our financial model shows a total TAM of $305M in CA alone and $2.5B nationwide. We can provide this model if needed.

Demand in our target market is substantial because most moving companies can’t afford the small sized moves mentioned above. The vast majority of them must hit an hourly minimum on each move in order to make a profit. 

We currently have just over 2,000 users, and we are adding about 50 new active users every month. It is worth noting that all user acquisition and revenue to-date is the result of word of mouth. We are now looking for growth capital to boost sales and marketing efforts.

Going forward, customer acquisition will be driven by a brand ambassador program (being patented), referrals, direct marketing and affiliate marketing. Truck rental companies, real estate website and apartment communities will be our first targets.

Who We Compete Against

Competitors include Lugg, Bellhops, Moved and Dolly. Clutter competes in just one specific area (storage moves). Possible future competitors include Lyft and Uber as they are expanding into other areas that have higher profit margins. Note however, that both Uber and Lyft also offer an exit strategy.

MoveBIG focuses on labor only and providing a safe, trusted and reference-based market place that connects people who have a truck with people that need one. Unlike other platforms we do not set rates - our movers do, and we charge a service fee. Another thing that sets us apart is that we actively recruit professional movers, both big and small. This broadens the market as 48% of moving companies in the U.S. have less than 5 people. By signing up to our service and using our marketing programs, they can dramatically expand their customer reach and hence their workload.

Another important differentiator is that, from the start, the MoveBIG platform has included the capability for our freelancers to create their own moving business and become truly independent, while keeping startup costs at a minimum and using our platform for marketing, customer acquisition and hiring new movers to work for them through our Ambassador program.

What We Have Done So Far

·  Launched beta version of app in August 2018 in a geographically controlled area (San Luis Obispo County) 

·  By end of year 2018 we reached 1,000+ downloads and helped 150 people move 

·  By end of April our app downloads exceeded 2,000 and we are currently adding about 50 new users per month

·  We were cash flow positive for the last 6 months 

·  In May 2019, we released an updated version of the app and introduced our marketplace website

·  Also in May, MoveBIG received the “Best of 2019” award in San Luis Obispo

How We Will Use New Funds

Above progress was made solely through word of mouth. We are now looking for a $200K investment that will give us a 12-to 15-month runway and allow us to:


·  Boost sales and marketing efforts, launch service throughout California and expand to 9 additional states

·  Start bringing development in-house

·  Grow our sales, marketing and operations teams

Meet the Founders

Brett Smith, Co-founder                Brett has been growing and expanding his skills as an inventor, network marketing expert, and an entrepreneur over the last 5 years. He immersed himself in the moving industry by working for multiple professional moving companies. He utilized his talents, ingenuity and practical know-how to create the best moving experience for the community and eventually the world. Brett dedicated his life to inspiring the people around him to achieve their best; therefore, he assured the MoveBIG platform allows individuals to start their own business. He is an expert in combining innovation with productivity to meet and exceed company goals. His consistent focus on the moving industry resulted in out-performing his competitors and presenting unprecedented solutions that align with MoveBIG’s mission. 

Luc Ceuppens, Co-founder          Luc is a product and service visionary with a proven track record of creating and marketing numerous game-changing and highly profitable products. After a successful career with both Fortune 100  companies and startups, he spent the last 5 years helping startups with creative ideas and go-to-market strategies. An engineer by education, but marketer by vocation, Luc easily toggles between technology and business and uses his engineering background, interpersonal skills, business acumen and marketing expertise to motivate customers to embrace new technology and solutions. He partnered with Brett to focus on go-to-market strategies, grow sales and marketing, and build the operations team.

[1] May 2019 survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Life Storage

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