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Urban Knightz London - fashion everyday clothing

Project No: #19794
Capital needed
GBP 10,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 8000
Country: United Kingdom
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Working partner
Highlights: -Up-to-date fashion styles,
-a catchy and fashionable brand logo with meaning,
-A future big player within the clothing casual and smart wear
-a dedicated entrepreneur that's ready to put every hour in the day to make my brand work and become the top website that everyone searches for there everyday fashion clothing.
What you offer to investors?: option 1- 10% of the business if you are able to introduce my brand into the retail stores of your contacts, list to be provided of the stores.
option 2- repayment back to the investor within three years
Option 3- to be a part of the business for the longterm

I'm a new clothing brand that is looking to be within the retail stores and my own online store, I already have my brand name and logo trademarked and the website demains and email, website is  being built at the moment, I'm looking for an investor that already has instore contacts that can make my brand mainstream or at least try to help, it has a very catchy name with meaning and my brand logos are nothing like what is out there at the moment. I had samples made of a number of styles and all seven styles sold within six-minute of showing them via social media.

Please contact me if there are any investors that would be interested in joining my journey on becoming the main fashion everyday style clothing which is very big at the moment and is aimed at being affordable for everyone as I have two logo brand styles with the other aiming at a higher-end at price.

My Brand name is "Urban Knightz London" which shortened, stands for "UK" 
The Brand has no ties to anyone else. 

I'll look forward to hopefully hearing from my new investor or partner

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