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Modern and Elegant Villas

Project No: #19798
Capital needed
USD 5,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 1,000,000.000
Country: Bahrain
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: See enclosed Feasibility Study
What you offer to investors?: Good Profit
Business plan:
Executive summary:

Modern and Elegant Villas is an integrated real estate project consisting of 20 stylish
and sophisticated villas designed to the highest standards of engineering, located in
the northern region of Bahrain near several vital sites, and the most friendly and
affordable community housing for Bahraini families.
Modern and Elegant Villas has been specially designed with Bahraini Families in
mind to cater for their needs and satisfy their search for the perfect homes.

Project Summary;
Bahrain’s economic outlook for 2018 stands on positive ground with a resilient non-oil sector expected to keep overall growth
at stable levels. A steady pace of around 3% overall growth in 2018 and 2019 is anticipated and will balance and offset any
frailty in the oil sector The project is investment price is expected at BD 3,770,000 million (10 m USD) with expected finance for years 5 income with one-year grace period / paying at the end of the 1st year. Based on average income and finance data communicated to us by project investment beneficiary the 1st year revenue is BD 4,448,600 (8836595.74 USD), Y2 is BD 4,671,030, Y3 4,904,582, Y4 is BD 5,149,811 and Y5 is BD 5,407,301.
 The expected net profit is Y1 is BD 671,739, Y2 is BD 705,326, Y3 is BD 740,592, Y4 is BD 777,621 and Y5 is BD 816,502. The expected ROI (%) inn Y1 is 17.8%, Y2 is 18.7%, Y3 is 19.6, Y4 is 20.6% and Y5 is 21.6% The project is a good investment value. The expected land area size is 350 sq.m for each villa of 2 floors with expected sale price of BD 190,000. The plan could be also altered to have attached social houses with 2 villas of 2 floors for a land size of 350 sq.m. with expected sale price if BD 95,000 for each social house, therefore having 40 social houses. This is also a good alternative that Housing Bank of the government could support the expected Bahrainis buyers of social housing. with a good and steady income. The governmental facilities and encourages private sector to participate in solving housing demands and problems. The annual population increase and expected population of 1.5 m puts a high pressure on governmental and private sector to fullfil the local annual increase in housing demands.

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