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Messenger: Reinvented

Project No: #19808
Capital needed
USD 3,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: USD 10,000
Country: South Africa
State: Western Cape
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: • Disrupts a proven (yet under-serviced) market by adding unbeatable value.
• Addresses age-old issues with pragmatic technology rooted in science.
• Integrates strong technical, strategic, creative and practical skills and experience.
• Product launch in 9 months once funded, profitable in 2 years.
• $100m p.a. turnover ($40m profit) within 5 years.
What you offer to investors?: $3m for 25% equity. Profitable after 2 years. Organic growth reaching $100m turnover (40% net profit) within 5 years. One first-mover special of either $100k for 5% or $10k for 1%.

We'll quietly launch ours as yet another chat app, but with a BRILLIANT twist which redefine how people communicate. Users will find such tangible value added to their lives that they'll abandon their old paid or free apps and pay to use ours instead.

There’s an over-supply of smartphone apps, too many chat apps and the only profitable ones are those linked to advertising revenue. All are clones of the same master offering us no help with our difficulties connecting with and understanding each other, except to exploit it.


Do we have a problem worth solving?

Impressive advances to the human condition resulted from our mastery of tools and language, yet people really struggle to:

-       understand deeply,
-       be understood widely,
-       hear what we ought to and
-       being heard at all.


Worse still, people expect that:

-       because humans are limited and/or
-       must be kept under control

those struggles will remain.


Do we have a solution worth betting on?

Never bowing to convention, we married our powerfully simple concept for language- and knowledge processing with the ubiquitous concept of chat and texting. We've formulated and started creating a new chat service with universal appeal, massive impact and epic commercial potential. We're upgrading how we deal with understanding and each other, unleashing untold human potential.


What's the plan here?

Breaking into a market so dominated by services sponsored by advertising revenue requires being either paying users or offering unmatchable value over free services. One founding principle of the company was to add that class of value globally at a nominal subscription.


We're inspired by the opportunity to extend the proven and popular text service concept with our own vision, insight and technology to disrupt the advertising industry's stranglehold on us. Not that they'll give up easily, but we've got their number, that's for sure.


Provided of course we can secure solid funding to develop, launch and market our game-changer product, S*****a Chat. 


Our top priority now is getting noticed by suitable investors and igniting also your passion.


Do we have proof? How about progress?

The need is clear, proven by how people have taken to social media.

* The gap may be less apparent but how little actual value social media needed to offer for people to flock to it, is ample proof of it.

* The dire need for a suitable universal communication medium in our societies has been made perfectly clear by Stafford Beer et. al. in their invaluable work in cybernetics, the study of complex systems. The question wasn’t what was required, only how to make it happen, which will be considered impossible until the world notices we’ve already done it.

* To come up with S*****a Chat, and this pitch, we successfully made the transition from the hypothetical to viable product definition with a clear 9-month path to market planned out.

* We spent 30 years being disrupted by the Internet, advertising and social media companies building empires based on controlling what people hear above the noise they create. The tables are due for a turning and we’re ready to turn them.


That Elephant in the Room

Let's address the obvious: How can we possibly expect to convince people to pay a subscription for a service they're already getting for free?


We'd love the chance to elaborate further as our trust-relationship matures, but in response to that question:

a) no, it's not for the same service, not even close, 

b) by offering massive direct and personal value to each user's life and

c) the app allows us to grow users’ appreciation for the added value so they welcome the nominal subscription fee.

Getting the Ball Rolling

It would have been so much easier to grab your attention if we had been willing to exaggerate and otherwise play fast and loose with the truth, but we're not built for that. We're thankful for whatever conspired to get you to read our story. But ubiquitous marketing noise isn't our only challenge. We're onto something epic and despite downplaying it as much as staying truthful allows so fewer people's it-sounds-too-good-to-be-true-so-it-must-be-false flags are triggered, we still have inertia to contend with. Our product marketing strategy deals with noise and inertia exceedingly well using the product itself, but in this here discussion that tool is not available to us. We're reduced to using the tools everyone else uses. To that end, we've put together "specials" which we hope would make all the difference in getting that first person to view us that crucial bit more intent and urgency than the usual, "Oh, well, if it's any good, it will still be there tomorrow, so let someone else go first" which then never really happen because nobody goes first. 

That's where your speed and decisiveness will you the biggest fortune. The first investor, let's call them Angel #1, to complete their due diligence and put up the cash will have their pick from the following deals:

 * $3m firmly committed in three tranches for the whole 25%,

 * $100k in a single bank transfer for the first 5% or

 * $10k cash for the first 1%. 

To lessen confusion about our inertia-busting deals, here's how they'll play out:

 * Say Angel #1 commits to taking all 25% for $3m. We'll be done and the project will start when the first tranche pays out.

 * Or Angel #1 opts for our 5% special. Then the specials are sold out and the remaining 20% equity will sell for $150k per 1%. The $100k will go towards building a prototype which will raise the value of the company, making it that much easier to get funding.

 *.Angel #1 might only have the cash and/or courage for our 1% special. That's OK too. If that bit of positive action triggers other angels to follow suit, bravo, everybody wins. If it doesn't, we'll put the $10k to good use rebuilding our pitch and business plan through premium channels and consultancies trusted by investors to improve our odds of getting funded. To hedge our bets though, a new special will be made available for a second angel. Angel #2 can either lock out everyone else by picking up the remaining 24% for $3m or get 4% for the first $100k cash they put up.

After that each 1% will cost $150k.

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