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Cabana Project in Sri Lanka

Project No: #19824
Capital needed
€ 650,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 150000
Country: Sri Lanka
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Other
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: At the current stage, for your business idea, we have found the considered and really suitable size of land already in the south of Sri Lanka. Moreover, it is divided into two plots, one plot, we could obtain recently in the middle of October 2019. So, we focus the obtain the remaining plot of land and then, plan the construction. Business concept regarding our idea, running the business etc. is written myself and can be provided on request.
What you offer to investors?: We offer a participation on the returning profit as well as a possible re-Financing of Investments. Further details may be discussed personally. Also, we are open for additional ideas.

Regarding this ongoing project, me (Swiss) and my local Partner (Sri Lankan, Sinhala) founded our company in summer 2016. My Partner has a degree cookery and hotel management school as well as several years of experience. In addition, he will be the one, who will act as a CEO of the proposed Cabana Hotel. In other words, we want to build a unique, small/medium sized hotel with restaurant, Swimmingpool as well as about 12 to 15 cabanas/bungalows, located in the south/south-west of the Island Sri Lanka. Actually, the last almost three years, we were searching for the proposed piece of land, which we found in Spring 2019. Also, we obtained already one of the two plots of land in middle of October 2019.

Our land is located on a small hill with a tremendous overlooking to the Indian Ocean, quiet and just a short walk away from a beautiful beach close by.

Now, we are searching for reliable Investor/Investors in order to obtain the second plot of reserved land. We are in charge with the owner familiy, who is really friendly and there is no broker in between at all.

After we are in possession of the land, we want to start our plan for the construction. This place should be small with about a nice restaurant, swimmingool and 12 to 14 cabanas/bungalows, Beautiful garden as well as Environment (natural, peaceful).

Again, Sri Lanka has been rated by Lonely Planet as the number 1 Travel Destination and this even after the terrible Easter Attack in April 2019.

Please ask for further information. We would be glad to send you our written business concept the get a closer look as well as the full picture what we are focus on. Thank you.

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