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28% p.a return, Tourist attraction

Project No: #19843
Capital needed
USD 2,800,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 300000
Country: Mongolia
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: - Experienced, built 2 huge monuments before. Now starting our own project
- Proven market. It will be the first tourist attractive monument in the city
- Will be built in the most luxurious and romantic region of the city
- Offering 28%annual interest
- Open for the Investor's proposal for discussion
What you offer to investors?: We will return the investment within 2 years with 28% p.a

Experienced project team will build tourist attractive monument with indoor
restaurant on top of a hill in capital city Ulaanbaatar of Mongolia. This will be the first attractive monument of the tourists in the capital city. Our management team

has 2 award-winning and several patent owning designers and architectures.


Previously our team constructed two huge monuments for customers in countryside. One is the world biggest 40-meter high horse riding
monument (Chinggis king) in 50 km east of the capital city in 2008 for our
first customer. The other is now almost completing 54 meters Maitreya Buddha in 50 km south of the city.

However Mongolia has a beautiful tradition and culture which is mostly visible in
the countryside, but there are no such attractive things for tourists in the capital
city except a few museums. Therefore we have decided to build the first and
most tourist attractive monument in the capital city on top of the nearest
mountain which is only 5 km from the city center.


The Market

Mongolian tourist number is increasing every year and reached
500'000 in 2018. 70% of the tourists visit the 40-meter high horse riding
Chinggis king. (Analysis of the horse riding Chinggis king monument: That was
built by 5million USD in 50 km distance from the city but they earned their
first investment within 2 years) Our monument will be in the most luxurious
region and most romantic place of the city, and that will be a 178-meter high
point to see the entire city from above. Therefore, we could easily receive
500'000 guests on our new monument including foreign tourists per year.

Therefore it means we could earn our first investment much earlier than
the horse riding Chinggis King but to be sure we are declaring to start
repaying as soon as we start to earn and will complete returning the total


We constructed many school and kindergarten via governmental tender and
properties for private businessman, this monument will be our private project.
As our designer owns a patent of the monument design this will be the most
unique monument which has lots of meaning about Mongolian idol Chinggis king.

As mentioned, Our team has already completed 2 huge monument projects and
gained immense experience in this field. This project will be our team's third
big and our own project, therefore, we will do our utmost effort on it

Therefore we are looking forward to cooperate with you

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