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Mobile app platform to match the requirements of customers and service providers

Project No: #19877
Capital needed
EUR 250,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 10000
Country: Czech Republic
Reason for needing Capital: Project Launch
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Find service providers (find service providers quickly) who offer a service at a specific time interval without wasting time, reduce dialing contacts and searching providers' websites. Order and pay for the service immediately. Create an event in the customer's calendar at their mobile.
What you offer to investors?: profit sharing
Business plan:
Executive summary:

It is very time consuming for customers to
find the free capacity of service providers such as hairdressers, cosmetics,
massages, tire service, etc. at last moment. For example, at noon I need to
order a hairdresser for the same evening and order and pay for the service.

Appka tat offers the customer to find the
required service "immediately and quickly" without wasting time, by
vainly dialing contacts and searching through many providers' websites. The
customer will book the selected service using Appky tat, pay online and the
event. Is transfered to the customer's mobile calendar.

The service provider uses Appka tat to plan
its capacities and cover available or vacant capacities. Every Appky tat user
is a potential customer. The service provider will always be paid for the
ordered service via App tat, even if the customer does not use the service.
Payment is online and in advance without the possibility of canceling the order
(for MVP, later it is also planned to discuss insurance, which would replace
the 100% cancellation fee to the customer). Appka tat also works for providers
who do not have their own websites and gives them the opportunity to present
themselves in the virtual world of the Internet for free. On days when the
provider is busy even without Appky tat customers, he simply does not publish
his free capacity.

Appka tat offers providers the opportunity
to increase their revenue by publishing their free or just released capacities
to the virtual world of the Internet (Appka tat, or on associated facebook
pages). In the basic scheme it is for free service and with guaranteed payment
for the service only ordered, even if the customer eventually does not pay.

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