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Project No: #19898
Capital needed
€ 3,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: Ksh .2,000,000
Country: Kenya
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Invest in my project we prevent malaria and improve living standards.
In that line we will be able to make some profit.
But my main ambition is to diversify my services and reach more people who may need my help.
What you offer to investors?: We shall agree on profit share and company ownership.
Annually i do 2,000,000 ksh and at start-up stage.with investment coming, we will be able to advertise our company and reach more people and make more profit. This is expected to reach 6,000,000 annually.

We install fabric removable and washable mosquito nets for windows/doors.

We install on all types of windows/doors.
This helps alot to prevent entry of mosquitoes and other flying insects from invading the house.
We help to prevent malaria and improve living standards of people.

We are looking for investor/investors to come and join hands with us to build up a functional company that will be able to serve people.
Currently we are limited to resources thus we cant provide enough services to people.
Please if interested in this life saving business you can reach me on
Thank you happy new year.

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