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Looping Self Directed Investors Worldwide

Project No: #19973
Capital needed
USD 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 50000
Country: Philippines
State: Davao del Sur
Reason for needing Capital: Other
Stage: Finished product
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: We just launched the MVP last February 12, 2020. The market response was nothing short of overwhelming.
What you offer to investors?: 500,000.00 USD in exchange of 20% equity in the company.
Executive summary:

Lyduz (https://*******.com/) is a social trading, non-broker, proprietary platform developed by Filipinos. Currently, Lyduz is the only platform that offers an end-to-end solution to self-directed traders and investors. Lyduz is envisioned to be the LinkedIn + Bloomberg Terminal for retail traders. 

Why Lyduz

Lyduz (Lydus) is the king of Lydia - a kingdom which in western Asia existed from about 1200 BC to 546 BC. We choose to carry this as our brand due to the fact that Lydus is the first kingdom in recorded history to have the first minted coin called Lydian and was the model for which all subsequent coins will be based upon. Lydian Coin will have its rather digital reincarnation via our platform and will be the primary internal currency that will run the economy inside the Lyduz Platform. Lydian (digital) will be backboned on blockchain technology and will initially be used for premium subscriptions inside our application. Outside usage will come after we roll out the Broker Referral Program which will include a free Five Thousand Pesos (PHP 5,000.00) free trading credits in favor of our users referred to an online broker of our choice. Details of how we will be able to afford the free trading credits will be discussed further in the latter part of this proposal.

Organizational Snapshot

Arbitrage, the predecessor of Lyduz was founded in October 2018 with only 3 people on board. The initial plan is to mainly develop an online platform for our personal consumption. However, as we move with the project, we saw that all features in the pipeline are poised to capture a market that has a viable commercial value

In January 2019, we have started to assemble a tech team which could make this vision a possibility. By April of the same year, we have successfully put together a 14-man solid development team that will build the platform from scratch. Then, we have worked relentlessly until the launching of Version I on October 9, 2019. 

Current Standing & Traction

To date, the platform currently hosts over 5,000 users growing at a rate of 50 to 100 users per day. The amazing part is that there are no promotions, paid exposures or any type of marketing campaign deployed since launch day. User acquisition is purely organic - word of mouth amongst existing users and their trading friends. 

The fact that Version II is better many times over has a solid marketing plan, with multiple market influencers in alliance and multiple brokerage firms in support, only show the kind of accomplishment we will be able to achieve once rolled out. 

Apart from user-side traction, we are also getting a lot from the Brokerage Firm’s side. We have received correspondence from different local brokerage firms registering their interest for future collaborations. To date, over 6 online brokers touched base and 1 traditional broker. 

On another front, we have also gained sizable interest from the “market gurus”. Many of which pledged support in multiple aspects. One key avenue is via our Academy Feature, where they, the market gurus, can post, manage and monetize their content legally.

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