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Capital needed

USD 100,000

USA, Wisconsin

My company has been in business for three years now. We have seen substantial growth in the time frame. We seen growth of 565% over the last calendar year. Because of that growth we are not able to ke

Capital needed

USD 500,000

USA, California

THE CHEESE SHOPPE“LA FROMAGERIE” CHEESE, WINE, GOURMET FOODS, PASTRIESESPRESSO, AMBIANCE          Where do you go to get the European epicurean atmosphere in Souther

USA, Florida

Intox-Detox is the only product on the market containing 2 clinically-proven ingredients that BOTH protect the liver and help avoid the misery of the morning after, when taken BEFORE drinking alcohol.

Capital needed

EUR 200

USA, Florida

Sipping Champagne for no reason?  You’re going to have plenty of reasons for toasting to your success after investing in Champagne. For those investors familiar with the merits of investing in wi

Capital needed

USD 10,000


On the go and need to check out your daily horoscope, sports stats? news headlines and top stories? Hungry? At Daily Bagel we understand your time, information, entertainment and convenience is import

Capital needed

USD 250,000

USA, Ohio

I am presenting this "business opportunity" on behalf of my Ohio, U.S.A., client Sweet Kakes Bakery & Cafe.  Our motto: "Don't cheat yourself, treat yourself to sweet creations that offe

USA, Florida

OPPORTUNITY: A thirty million liter global market gap in the premium white rum / cane-based spirits category, which we project SOUL to capture one and a half percent in five years, resulting in a four