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Spain, Murcia

I want to buy a Business in Spain region Murcia, need to go fast, only got option for short period of time.I only want honest investor no person who is asking money, i do not look for saving investmen

Capital needed

€ 50,000

United Kingdom, West Midlands

Zero sugar carbonated tropical soda drink.

Capital needed

€ 50,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

Healthy Herbal Sauce is made up from several herbs like garlic, onion, chilly, pepper, ginger and other herbs. This sauce is very delicious and able to cure some ailments.

USA, Texas

Executive summary I need a Start Up Loan Unsecured Business Loan.  I would consider Equity Funding with up to 10-15% the profits going back to the investor for a limited time until the loan

Capital needed

USD 100,000


Actualmente contamos con una plantación de 5,000 plantas de entre 1 y 3 años de edad, de café arábigo, de las variedades típica y caturra, en un area aproximada de 3 ha.La plantación se encuentra a 13

Capital needed

EUR 27,000

India, Tamil Nadu

WE are planning to start a FOOD TRUCK in Chennai, I personally have been cooking from the age of 10 and i have nearly 2 decades of experience in it and it is a dream for me to start my own food truck

Pakistan, Punjab

i am looking  for investor for dairy foarming were we can take care of animal for meet purpose and milk... we have a sample profitable sheet for your review you can check if you like this busines