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90 Grados (90 Degrees) is a coffee shop where in its interior has a space to show art (painitngs and photos) from local artists. The public has been attracted by this, due to both the flavors (from th

Capital needed

GBP 250,000

United Kingdom, East Anglia

Paraíso offers a differentiated experience for each and every person who steps inside. Our venue options create the perfect environment for functions, parties, seminars, community group events, busine

India, Karnataka

More details refer an our official website https://********.comYou can feel free to contact us at our contact form We are happy to assist you 24/7 - 365 Days Year.


žNuestro Proyecto consiste en desarrollar un sistema de cultivo Acuapónico para obtener los beneficios de criar diversas especies de pescados, mariscos y vegetales de forma eco-sustentable. žUtilizar


The project has already been approved for EU funding 31,46% ( 5.000,000u20ac non-refundable ), and 25% ( 3.973,587u20ac refundable after a 4-year grace period and with zero interest ). My wife and I h

India, Rajasthan

We are looking for an investor who actually invests capital for our startup, either as loan or as a partner. We need about 60 lakh rupees. We will get 10% of our investment weekly. If he invests in th