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Capital needed

€ 1,000

USA, California

I live near hundreds of mines, most are near or in Joshua Tree, it's a national parkMaking that area off limits.Lots of potential, cracks and crevices, sniping With dowsing rods basically older w



Germany, Bayern

We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases.Direct investment or silent partnerships (10% p. a.)We have a network with 1.500 partners in E

Germany, Bayern

Our projects are ready to build or launch-ready status.The amounts depending on the project between 8,000 EUR and EUR 170 million.There are up to 49.9% (partnership) or 100% financing possible, as we

Germany, Bayern

Please read complete!We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases.Direct investment, strategic partnerships (or silent partnerships for 10%


Construction of thermal power plant in Semey city (Construction of combined heat and  power plant in Semey city  with power 500 Megawatt). The main aim is to reduce the power shortage i

Capital needed

EUR 50,000

Norway, Buskerud

Please read complete!We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases. You get back-office service too.We provide financial service, leasing et

United Kingdom, South East

One day, I had an instant reaction to whether there was a market in 2018 for a  brand new modelling agency, and yes I think there just might be!I am 16, soon off to college studying business.Just

Capital needed

USD 1,000,000


This Research Carp is a pest fish in all the Western countries. It has a lot of bones and Western people do not eat it. After some research into the food industry, I want to develop some carp fis

Capital needed

USD 269,230

India, Gujarat

Normal Profile: - You can add new posts about your whereabouts to get connected with your friends & family. You can input your views about the posts posted by your beloved in the comment secti

India, Delhi

Qoti is a quality management solution that digitises your quality records and provides real time insights and analytics that help you reduce rejections throughout the manufacturing cycle of your produ

Capital needed

GBP 300,000

United Kingdom, London

IntroWe are Pedler, a vibrant and successful neighbourhood restaurant and cocktail bar in Peckham Rye. Pedler Peckham Rye opened in December 2014 and has been focusing on the very best seasonal and lo

Capital needed

USD 200,000

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

It is a hardware based system; it allows sensitive information to be quickly, easily and economically protected to a degree never before available in a PC.The information is secured with the AES256 Fi

Capital needed

EUR 500,000

Portugal, Santarém

AppyFans drives traffic of interested brand fans to local stores, and converts this traffic to sales. The value it provides to brands is engagement of brand fans and increase of sales. The value it re

Capital needed

EUR 1,500,000


FIRM FARMERS is an aquaponics exploitation project, producing vegetables and freshwater fish. This will allow an annual production of 30 tons of fruits and vegetables on 1 000m2 of aboveground vegetab

Capital needed

EUR 25,000

United Kingdom, South West

Following a successful show case , funded by Positive People and open by Michael Eavis, I am looking to move forward in my career.I am looking to achieve this by  setting up and develop a creativ

USA, Indiana

We currently have our writers working on a "Choices" type game (which is available on Google Play) to have different characters, more choices and more responsiveness to user requests. This will h


1. This Project ResearchI have researched on the idea of using the Low Head Hydro Power technology to generate electricity based on the current energy and environmental crisis. Using practical techn

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Philippines, Quezon is a platform that brings every Filipino video gamers into one community.Sharing new thoughts, games and ideas that can be beneficial for growth of gaming industry here in the Philippines.As

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk

CleanSpecie is substitution of traditional crypto mining process (which is wasting computer hardware, electricity for virtual coins) by space debris mining process (which is cleaning Earth orbit, b