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Sweden, Jönköping

International Federation of FIFA Esport (IFFE) is an international sport organization; an international federation for the FIFA Esport.It have for a long time been a disappointment concerning how

USA, Ohio

I own the Patent to the gaming industries historic next resurgence in poker card games since Texas Holdem Poker was introduced . If you have ever wanted to be part of the multi - billion dollar gaming

Capital needed

USD 40,000,000


I invented a breakthrough source of electric energy. It will be useful e.g. for cellular telephones. There is market for billions of units, it will bring profits measured in hundreds of billons of dol

Capital needed

EUR 200,000

Germany, Baden-Württemberg

No.1 in the world! Rolls on Balls - next step to "getting around" approach since invention of a wheel. ROBs are patented and are first in the world real transport on balls.ROBs bring new and

United Kingdom, London

Investment Title:Industrial Oil & Gas Sector InvestmentInvestment Summary:We have developed a new modular straight flow compressor valve for large industrial reciprocating compressors used in indu

Capital needed

USD 1,193,118

Czech Republic

Project name: 142016 /37-1. The project is engaged in cleaning the air and reducingemissions. With the panel of dimensions 2 m X 1 m (It will be produced in different sizes.). Panel absorbed and absor

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Ukraine, Sumy

Внимание! Нужны инвестиции в краудфандинговые платформы!!!!!!!   Добрый день! Я основатель и руководитель и я живу в Украине.В интернете я нашла информацию, что Вас фи

Capital needed

EUR 200


Today you may find Stirling engine on renewable energy field in many applications, such as solar power plants, heat pumps, CHP systems, cooling systems, even in submarines and yachts. My inventio

Capital needed

EUR 500

Turkey, İzmir

Hello,I have innovative, and unusual, projects.Together, I believe we can carry out many projects. I would like to point out that if you indicate the sector you want to invest in,  I can offer yo

Capital needed

USD 50,000

Sweden, Södermanland

My name is Magnus Forsström and I'm working on new innovations.Has a new kind of LED luminaire that I will finally launch in the fall of 2017.But I lack the capital to start the production.The interes

Australia, New South Wales

This Lounge Baby guard, turns most Lounges into a cot, playpen, and stores back underneath the lounge.

USA, Florida

I am presenting this on behalf of my Florida client, a design engineer, who has invented a "proven" product which provides Water Intrusion Protection for "Off Ridge Vents" on houses/buildings agai

Capital needed

EUR 150,000

United Kingdom, South East

This approach adds a compressed air based energy storage system onto a steam cycle based power plant using fluid flow principles to recover the heat of condensing energy.   It aims to match