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India, Karnataka

Hi, I am looking for an small investment for 10 lakhs. Based on the performance of the outlet will be expecting more. I can understand the risk involved but i am sure it will be safe money. As the bra

Capital needed

EUR 35,000

Pakistan, Islamabad Capital Territory

i am looking for investor in Pakistan for INTERNATIONAL Restaurants Branches business , according to research this is one of top 5 businesses in Pakistan Booming due to large capital investment still

Capital needed

EUR 20,000

Portugal, Faro

We are looking for an angel that will help us start a Restaurant in the Algarve.As you might know, Algarve has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, which year after year are recognize

Capital needed

EUR 3,630

South Africa, Eastern Cape

We have been working on a business idea of opening a restaurant (Shisanyama), where people will buy their meals and get entertainment (Live music, workshops, events, oka pipe, live performances). We w