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UAE, Dubai

An existing financial/BPO company in India for the last 10 years is now expanding into the acquisition of NPA's for recoveries and in the mode to take over a small finance bank in India.The company al

United Kingdom

We are a young Financial Markets Investment company based in Gloucester (T.Y Assets LTD). We have had a rough year, not due to investing but rather due to our business management. Our overheads become

Capital needed

USD 10,000


I am a private trader with over 3 years working experience in the financial markets. I make a profit by the changes of prices in the assets in a short and long position. Buying in a  cheaper 

Capital needed

EUR 55,026

Chile, Santiago

I need to buy a franchise business plus working capital to implement in my country Chile the methodology of expense reduction analysts for medium and large companies.This method focus in reduction of


Ce projet permet aux vendeurs et aux acheteurs d'entrer en relation pour de la vente à crédit et faire de la location avec option d'achat de biens matériels et immobiliers. C'est à la fois une pl

Capital needed

USD 650,000

Singapore, Central Region

our Equity Fund is based on our own Software solution, paying 52times/year Interest and additional Dividends. by maintaining a non-long-term commitment environment. no speculative exposure to external

Capital needed

USD 25,000

Ecuador, Pichincha

ECUADORIAN T. C., es una empresa que brinda servicios externos contables para de esta manera reducir costos a los negocios de emprendedores que recien se estan formando y no pueden contratar personal

Capital needed

EUR 7,000,000

Ukraine, Kiev

Investment Proposal to establish the Commercial Bank Business in Ukraine with gradual opening of branches in the USA, Germany, the UK, Switzerland, France and all over EU.The increase in the number of

Capital needed

USD 75,000


Mangwee is a fully licensed Zambia-based mobile money transfer and remittance platform. We are transforming financial services in Africa by allowing users to deposit, withdraw, transfer, access cr

Capital needed

€ 100,000

UAE, Abu Dhabi

Platform that aims to gather the buyers and sellers of reinsurance contracts in one virtual marketplace 

South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal

The purpose of this business plan is to raise R250,000 in Seed Funding for the development of a Forex Trading Firm, while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next five years. Wh

Germany, Bayern

We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases.Direct investment or silent partnerships (10% p. a.)We have a network with 1.500 partners in E