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Capital needed

EUR 27,000,000

Czech Republic

Our plan is to implement new energy source for a cement plant that will use used tires. The source itself is waste-free and significantly reduces consumption in cement production. Technology is develo

Capital needed

EUR 80,000

India, Odisha (Orissa)

Gaffer AI is a footballer ability optimizer that uses machine learning and data science techniques to provide tailor-made training solutions for every single footballer in a team. We are building a so

India, Gujarat

We are a team of architects, engineers, and draftsman, constantly pushing our boundaries in the experience of Architecture drafting/drawing/modeling/rendering/designing solutions. Currently, We have a

Capital needed

EUR 1,200,000

France, Bas-Rhin

This project consists of an airline, which will be located on the  Strasbourg-Entzheim airport in order to develop traffic and destinations from this airport with a limited current network. I

Capital needed

USD 250,000

Mexico, Querétaro de Arteaga

I am the exclusive representative of an Asian house to develop an innovative LED lighting project with Solar Technology. I have been in Mexico for two years and I have more than 160 companies from the

United Kingdom, South West

HighCandi is a two-way marketplace that asks individual drone owners to submit their work for appraisal and to complete certain training tasks. Once those tasks are compl