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Capital needed

USD 150,000

Canada, Ontario

We are a Canadian start-up based in Mississauga, ON. We believe there are more sustainable ways to satisfy our needs and we are developing an eco-friendly powerplant able to curtail Greenhouse Gas (GH

USA, Montana

The automotive industry is about to be changed. I am looking for an investor willing to be part of my project to bring substantial increase in fuel enconomy and reduced emmissions to the auto ind

Capital needed

EUR 40,000,000


I have discovered a group of physical phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation and I invented a breakthrough source of energy which will be useful for laptops, for cellular telephones. I

Capital needed

EUR 300,000

Austria, Niederösterreich

BE A PART OF ITcoinwerk is a crypto currency mining company using green energy drawn from sustainable electricity. Sustainabilityis general- ly thought to be one of the most e ec ve and lowest cost re

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000


BENEDICS - COMPANYOur focus is the general consumer market globally (revenue model: retail, e-tail, subscriptions, leasing).In the age of humanoid robots, there is a large market of people, especially