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Capital needed

USD 500,000


I am Masa worked in Pfizer and GSK for 40 years.I am seeking investor to support my project. There are wo business of ELECTRONIC WATER GENERATOR and ELECTRONIC WATER.First, I introduce you “Anti-O


The Company:Bubbler Int'l Ltd is a Hong Kong company founded in 2016 by technology co-inventors Robert Gold (CEO - USA) and JJ Bueno (VP - Spain).  Our Mission is to design, manufacture and marke

Philippines, Cavite

We are looking investor to our growing company for expansion. We are expertise in fiber optic installation both underground and aerial for Telecommunication company. Our company is based in Philippine


Amon is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet integrating an Artificial Intelligent (AI) system connected with a Debit Card Users in Crypto indust

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000


I invented a breakthrough energy source. It will be useful e.g. for laptops and for cellular telephones.I do not have a prototyp yet. I have a computer simulation of my energy source, based onClassica

Capital needed

USD 120,000

Canada, Ontario

We are a Canadian start-up based in Mississauga, ON. We believe there are more sustainable ways to satisfy our needs and we are developing an eco-friendly powerplant able to curtail Greenhouse Gas (GH

Capital needed

USD 25,000


In Kenya LPG business is very competitive especially in urban areas. The retailers have come up with different tactics to win customers including offering free delivery services. The project is meant


Our company is Laidback Life Ltd and our first product is called D-Tangle. D-Tangle is an automated gadget where users can insert their own earphones and by pressing on its button earphones will get r

Capital needed

EUR 30,000


Dear Sir or Madam,We want to develop specific items of great use in our country. Those items are machinery and lighting systems using photovoltaic energy.SOme of these are currently purchased abroad;

Capital needed

EUR 13,726

Norway, Rogaland

For covering expenses with the contracts and the travel of the chinese to norway. We need 13 726.26 euroDeadline 21th of june 2017Re registering fee also needs to be covered when we register as a stoc