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United Kingdom, London is Europe based and very well known in EU as “world first staffing aggregator”. HireXtra is perhaps the World First Staffing Aggregator platform and is ( SAAS )cloud-based which serves as

Capital needed

USD 1,000,000


LinkedSage is a consultant based platform where experts from different domains can work independently as well as service recipients can avail resources smoothly. Linkedsage is a bridge between experts

Capital needed

GBP 300,000

United Kingdom

Infinity Circle's Angels  More than ever the market is realising the advantages of digitisation as we strive to continue operating in the Covid-19 context.The potential of solutions designed

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000

USA, Nueva Jersey

The Coronavirus Pandemic is forcing all real estate users to reevaluate their buying and selling strategies. As coronavirus disease COVID-19 spreads, we continue to take precautionary measures to supp