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Capital needed

USD 150,000

Canada, Ontario

We are a Canadian start-up based in Mississauga, ON. We believe there are more sustainable ways to satisfy our needs and we are developing an eco-friendly powerplant able to curtail Greenhouse Gas (GH

Capital needed

USD 500,000


I am Masa worked in Pfizer and GSK for 40 years.I am seeking investor to support my project. There are wo business of ELECTRONIC WATER GENERATOR and ELECTRONIC WATER.First, I introduce you “Anti-O

Capital needed

EUR 300,000

Austria, Niederösterreich

BE A PART OF ITcoinwerk is a crypto currency mining company using green energy drawn from sustainable electricity. Sustainabilityis general- ly thought to be one of the most e ec ve and lowest cost re

Capital needed

EUR 40,000,000


I have discovered a group of physical phenomena which violate the law of energy conservation and I invented a breakthrough source of energy which will be useful for laptops, for cellular telephones. I

USA, Montana

The automotive industry is about to be changed. I am looking for an investor willing to be part of my project to bring substantial increase in fuel enconomy and reduced emmissions to the auto ind

Capital needed

USD 100,000

India, Karnataka

Hi The startup is fintech is based on real time information given through a platform With latest new technology and moreover focus on give prescriptive to investors about markets view  

Netherlands, Noord-Holland

Results using a combination of X.... products-Increase in power: up to 22%-Decrease in fuel-consumption:  up to15%-Emissions reduction: CO2 up to 15%, NOx up to 40%-Decrease in Engine wear: up to

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Nigeria, Lagos

Hello, I trust you're well. I am the founder and CEO, Sentigle Africa LLC. Following our conversation on lindkedin, I have decided to forward this mail to you. We are a startup mobile, video game

Colombia, Risaralda

DESCRIPCION: R*** será una aplicación móvil, que se encargara de ser el asistente principal de los usuarios de vehículos automotores. Según fuentes Andemos 2015, el mercado automotriz en Colombia

Capital needed

£ 1,000,000

United Kingdom

This technology is the first of its kind that it measures the dissipation of warm air in a room and then through a unobtrusive heating element prevents the cold air from dissipating the warm air.This

Serbia, Grad Beogradu00a0[Belgrade City]

Development of innovative outstanding solutions based on unique analytical and algorithmic approaches, suitable for applying in real-time mode.The complexity of modern world reveals in existence of co

United Kingdom, London

What: FourWho Bridges the gap between job/career seekers and charities, training providers and businesses.Why:We guide and support job seekers and provide real opportunities to getting qualified,

Capital needed

EUR 112,000,000


Hello.I'm looking for investment or loan for the construction of the PVC plant in Belarus.Project start-up,but highly cost-effective.The ability to export products to Ukraine,Russia,Kazakhstan and lar

Capital needed

USD 200,000

Canada, Alberta

As the economy continue to slow down, the risks of crimes continue to raise everywhere.  Our custom security systems are designed to combat this growing threat. We will work with our clients. We

Capital needed

USD 50,000


We are an new online edu-tech platform in Singapore that aim to offer online courses not only to  Singapore, and also to the mass public in the South-East Asia region. We are inviting instructors


The Company:Bubbler Int'l Ltd is a Hong Kong company founded in 2016 by technology co-inventors Robert Gold (CEO - USA) and JJ Bueno (VP - Spain).  Our Mission is to design, manufacture and marke

Capital needed

EUR 500,000

South Africa

Our idea is to make an industrial instalation and later net of such instalations in South Africa which would convert waste polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) (i.e. polyolefines) into liquid fuel

Nigeria, Ogun

The Battery-Powered Generator (BPG) was conceived in February 2001.The first trial prototype was built in 2010.A working prototype was later built in April 2012 rated at 650VA.After 5 years of working

Capital needed

EUR 13,726

Norway, Rogaland

For covering expenses with the contracts and the travel of the chinese to norway. We need 13 726.26 euroDeadline 21th of june 2017Re registering fee also needs to be covered when we register as a stoc

Capital needed

EUR 30,000


Dear Sir or Madam,We want to develop specific items of great use in our country. Those items are machinery and lighting systems using photovoltaic energy.SOme of these are currently purchased abroad;