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Capital needed

USD 115,000,000


Quien suscribe: Ramón E. M. M., venezolano, mayor de edad, Licenciado en Administración, casado, titular de la cédula de identidad N° V-********, en mi carácter de Presidente y Representante Legal&nbs

Capital needed

USD 5,000,000

USA, California

LUX Airways is a membership-based first class airline founded in 2016 offering a private and exclusive experience for passengers looking to travel transcontinental between major city centers. Its sole

Capital needed

EUR 3,000,000

India, Delhi

RideGuru Cabs is online app based taxi services running successfully in Delhi NCR (India) We have 8000 Driver attached in our system. we just need investment for our app promotion and advertisement. O

Capital needed

EUR 100,000

Maroc, Souss-Massa-Drâa

My project is to have a just amount to buy ten shuttle buses to help children to join the school and the amount is 100000 euros . Children in my village every day go 12 km by foot to join the school .

Congo, Democratic Republic of the

Hello sir and madame, i call madame Jenny Motayo i Life in the democratic republic of congo  i have the honor to ask you for your hygh kindness by this present .a Grant of 10.000.000$ in order to

South Africa

"Power Boost" will be a group of very hi tech turbines that don't exist yet that will use the power of the wind produce by the Electric Vehicles running over 80km/h, and recharge their batteries, the

Capital needed

USD 10,000,000

USA, Montana

Products & Services We will provide 24 hour movement of a customers freight to its desired destination potentially cutting the time it takes to deliver a load of semi-truck freight in half. This m

Capital needed

USD 45,000

South Africa, Limpopo

Good day,I am looking for financing to purchase a much needed courier service in our area as we are considered being an outlying area and get charged ridiculous rates for picking up and delivering of

Capital needed

EUR 10,000

South Africa

We do delivery and collection of goods across South Africa. We are reliable and efficient service provider. We also lease our truck to manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors on a contra

Capital needed

USD 4,500,000

Venezuela, Falcón

Quien suscribe: Ramón Enrique M.M., venezolano, mayor de edad, Licenciado en Administración, casado, portador de la cédula de identidad N° *******, en mi carácter de Presidente y Representante Legal d

Capital needed

EUR 50,000


am already into transport business and transportation business here is quite lucrative and i will need big truck to carry load or goods across countries and cities to deliver goods in large quantities

Capital needed

EUR 900,000


Monsieur ,Après étude et montage du Business Plan de mon précieux projet de transformation d'ananas en jus 100% BIO par le Concessionnaire de 3E SERVICES (3E Développement - Cabinet Européen d'Aide au

Ukraine, Járkov

I create a prototype of the most functional baby stroller ever. Built-in Flashlights, Loudspeaker, Umbrellas, Powerbank and Solar panel. The stroller is very compact, comes with a backpack. After an a

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Australia, Queensland

Hi our Business is an On Demand Delivery Business but it works on much the same basis as Rideshare you need something picked up use our App to book your job and we will pick it up and deliver it for y

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Tenemos la Representación Exclusiva, para Argentina, de colectivos y automóviles eléctricos de importantes fábricas de China. Nuestra situación nos brinda la posibilidad de ser la primera empresa en t