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Capital needed

USD 78,716,000

India, Uttar Pradesh

Prashant’s aim is to design green technologies like human teleportation using gravitational waves that can hinder the growth of global warming. Six years back he started with a small idea of dust

Capital needed

€ 250,000


     The start up capital needed for my project plan is 250000$ to launch and complete this project. This business can yield more than half a million dollars in 6-7months.   &


We are interested in taking up funding worthy US$ 2m to upgrade technologically and expand Wion Motors' business operations to a chain of branches so as to achieve benefits that come with economies of

Capital needed

USD 50,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

the specialist ford automobile in indonesia, established since 2016 and already has many customers. I as the owner want to have legal status and add equipment, and in the future we want

Capital needed

USD 450,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Hayden Cobra is a premium Cobra replica manufacturer. We have been building these cars since 1984. We offer a great car with premium suspension and chassis design for increased safety and performance.

Capital needed

USD 600,000

Israel, Haifa

The project relates to a capacitive type precipitation sensor for automatic control of vehicle wipers’ operation. More particularly, to a rain sensor that is attached to a windshield glass of a vehicl

Germany, Bayern

Please read complete!We take care of all partners for the purchase and sale, provide the complete infrastructure and databases.Direct investment, strategic partnerships (or silent partnerships for 10%

Capital needed

USD 25,000

South Africa, North West

To supply the retail market with radiator and locks in the automotive industry in North West area