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Capital needed

USD 10,000,000


1Stock Limited is a holding company based in Uganda, with a total of USD 3.925m of Assets Under Management. The company currently has four divisions; The Reaper Fund, a multi-strategy fund e

Capital needed

EUR 2,800,000

Switzerland, Bern

Für einen sehr großen Energieverbraucher des Schweizerstaat sollen Windenergieprojekte verwirklicht werden.Zu diesem Zweck soll ein völlig neues und einzigartiges Windturbine Konzept der Firma Windkra

USA, Texas

Executive summary I need a Start Up Loan Unsecured Business Loan.  I would consider Equity Funding with up to 10-15% the profits going back to the investor for a limited time until the loan

Capital needed

GBP 10,000


I am a 2 years +  experienced , Forex , Binary , Digital Options, NYSE and LSE CFD trading professional who trade with the highly reputed European broker. I am looking for a Options / Forex

Capital needed

EUR 200,000

France, Essonne

Application de copiétonnage 100% gratuite et 100% sécurisée. Le principe est de se déplacer ensemble. Un utilisateur A propose un trajet et un utilisateur B (qui fait le même trajet) rentre avec lui v

India, Tamil Nadu

Dear InvestorWe are a small team of IT professionals who have been into SAGE ERP and CRM implementation and support for last 20 years. We have office in London and India. We are looking to expand our

Capital needed

USD 100,000


Actualmente contamos con una plantación de 5,000 plantas de entre 1 y 3 años de edad, de café arábigo, de las variedades típica y caturra, en un area aproximada de 3 ha.La plantación se encuentra a 13

Capital needed

€ 200,000


Want an Invested who can finance the importation of rice and sugar into the Ghanaian Market

Capital needed

EUR 250

Ecuador, El Oro

buenas tardes escribo por que deseo ingresar como socio en una concesionaria de proyecto minero y la provincia del azuay en la localidad de la camilo ponce enriquez y necesito y deseo un invercionista

Spain, Islas Baleares

Se trata de la creación y puesta en marcha de una empresa funebre  con todos los servicios en la Isla de Menorca, para ello pretendo construir un tanatorio en  Ciudadela, del que ya dispongo

Capital needed

USD 50,000


Presentation:       "What's an inconvenience or difficulty that the product counters?                          &nbs

Capital needed

USD 20,000


     Created a new variety of apple, resistent to powdery mildew and ihighly resistent to scab. The fruits are grown with less pesticides. The variety is not registered and patented.&nb


The coal mine is located near Karaganda city. Coal reserves are 100 million tons. Grade B-4 coal. Coal mining by open way. Coal will be also used as a raw material for the combined heat and power

Capital needed

USD 5,200,000

Iceland, Vesturland

Beautiful place with amazing view in the West coast of Iceland named Höfn. Where travelers can get good resting accommodation, just few meters from the main road. The guests can stay in our Guest

South Africa, Eastern Cape

Established property development at Eastern Cape coast needs funding to forward development of 30 + units . Most got seaview and infra structure already established.Based on Going Green as much as you

Capital needed

USD 12,000


if i were to receive 12000 dollars... i would use it to buy (physical) gold and silver

Capital needed

USD 1,000,000

South Africa, Western Cape

We want to start up a abalone farm on the west coast of South Africa. First we want to start the Hatchery and then later on the grow out farm. The market is huge to breed and sell small abalone, calle

Poland, Greater Poland

Opening of a veterinary clinic, a hairdresser for dogs and a pet shop in one room. It is very convenient and efficient for customers. All animals, from all over the world and their owners, go to clini

Capital needed

EUR 500


I am writing to introduce Yeganeh Energy Espadana Co as an Iranian Co. activing in a solar power plant. Yeganeh Company is working on the construction of renewable solar power plants and no

USA, Washington

Commercial property professional is seeking an investor for commercial office, retail or industrial property. In addition to ROI, you’ll receive effective and economical management. Mixed-Use Developm