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Capital needed

EUR 55,026

Chile, Santiago

I need to buy a franchise business plus working capital to implement in my country Chile the methodology of expense reduction analysts for medium and large companies.This method focus in reduction of


Ce projet permet aux vendeurs et aux acheteurs d'entrer en relation pour de la vente à crédit et faire de la location avec option d'achat de biens matériels et immobiliers. C'est à la fois une pl

Capital needed

USD 2,500,000


The proposal is to expand the production capacity of the company’s herbal health products to meet the present and future demands and reach the entire regions in Ghana. This shall involve the building

Capital needed

EUR 650,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Our company, PLUGHOLE POWER Pty ( Ltd ) In a Nutshell:-PLUGHOLE POWER has just been awarded it's first 60 kW GWVPP ( Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant ) in South Africa.Plughole Power will s

Capital needed

EUR 21,544

South Africa, Gauteng

It is a Biokinetic practice that is situated within the Midstream Hill Medical Park. Total personnel is comprised of one person, Jan Lodevikus du Toit, who is a registered Biokineticist registered wit

Capital needed

EUR 35,000


bonjour, mon projet est une marque de cosmétique naturelle pour peau et cheveux à base de beurre de karité bio et équitable , destinés à tout sans exception ! les produits seront fait en laboratoire e

Capital needed

USD 140,000

India, Gujarat

Dear All,We are Currently Doing work as a Manufacturer of Lubricants and Bio Fuels,We want to required more findings for Expansion. In India.

Capital needed

USD 150

USA, Florida

This has been an 8 Year succesfull  Business.The Concept is a Bakery Concept Sandwich Shop with special german Breads ,Sandwiches,Salads,Soups,and Breads.The Retail Front is just like in Germany


Land Available, Need Funds for Building Apartments in Malaysia.Finds Required = 1.5 Million Ringgit MalaysiaReturn in 3 years @ 16% p/aORAny other mod of investment acceptable for both parties.

Australia, Australian Capital Territory

This deposit is a multi-million-tonne high-grade base metal target located just 1.5 km from an operating  Mine.  The project contains largely unexplored Andean-style base metal mineralizat

Capital needed

USD 10,500


D*** TRADE THE WORLD is International Trading Company (Trade Stocks, Futures and Forex).  Use their technology and their trading capital with high pay out. The company earn money only when THE O

Capital needed

EUR 100,000


Guilty Pleasure est un magazine culturel mélangeant deux univers: La Mode et la Politique. Guilty Pleasure est donc un magazine novateur car il n'existe pas aujourd'hui sur le marché, de magazine méla

USA, Texas

There is an opportunity in Katy, Texas to open and operate an innovative successful advertising and branding company utilizing full time RV owners using 3M graphic wraps to advertise various businesse

Capital needed

USD 100,000

UAE, Dubai

I got this idea while I was in restaurant with friends, when we got the bill, everyone is paying by card and we were almost 10 of us, it took so much time with such a hustle for the restaurant, I thou

Capital needed

€ 200,000


Want an Invested who can finance the importation of rice and sugar into the Ghanaian Market

Capital needed

USD 8,100

Nigeria, Lagos

3D Animation Video is still new in this part of Africa. This will be the next big come few years ahead. I need investors who can help me with fund to take all the neccessary courses associated with 3D

Capital needed

USD 6,000,000,000

USA, Massachusetts

Hello. I am Noah Boyd, and I will like to present to you my Business Idea to all of you. I call it, Fantastica, A Theme Park/Immersive Theatrical Experience Park Hybrid that takes a Combination Of Eve

Poland, Greater Poland

Открытие крупного предприятия на территории Польши г. Краков, как три варианта бизнеса в одном, это Ветеринарная клиника для животных (с выездом на фермы и так далее) парикмахерской для животных (так


The coal mine is located near Karaganda city. Coal reserves are 100 million tons. Grade B-4 coal. Coal mining by open way. Coal will be also used as a raw material for the combined heat and power

Capital needed

USD 20,000


     Created a new variety of apple, resistent to powdery mildew and ihighly resistent to scab. The fruits are grown with less pesticides. The variety is not registered and patented.&nb