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INVESTATION PROPOSAL – FOOTBALL BUSINESS PROJECT Ø  PURPOSEThe aim is a cooperation between investor with proposer to build football academy (first, will be an amateur version), in long

Capital needed

€ 30,000


I am Lithuanian national, who came to Cameroon to organize gaming (slot maschines) business. I have a contract with Novomatic and 40 slots are already loaded to container to be shipped to Cameroon.I a

Capital needed

EUR 25,000

Pakistan, Gilgit-Baltistan

i am looking for investor in Pakistan for Travel and Tourism business , according to research this is one of top 5 businesses in Pakistan Booming due to large capital investment still there is a chanc

Capital needed

EUR 150,000


Theme for the Nepal Summit, which we opted to be “preparing the Youth towards future leadership, diplomacy and governance for the achievement of the SDG Goals. The event shall gather hundreds of Young

Capital needed

€ 15,000

USA, California

My name is Tiffany Huff. I am a Author and Director of film. I am a women in business which I am trying to be a example of hard work does pay off. My company basically a company where I am trying to g