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USA, Pensilvania

Have you ever looked around at an old amusement park or country fair during its final days and wondered what it would take to bring it back to life? Did you ever imagine that it could become somet

Capital needed

USD 300,000

USA, California

BOGGLED is a Los Angeles based LLC whose mission is to create the most uniquely-themed escape rooms anywhere.Escape rooms are a relatively new form of entertainment that’s experiencing explosive

USA, California

We have a substantial project, a feature length film that has A quality casting, with world wide distribution deal. It's subject matter??? Rape! It's ready to go, set to begin production, we're needin

Capital needed

USD 12,500,000

USA, Florida

Our company Revere Studios has been given a letter of interest from actors who are the stars of a hit television program to participate in our Faith-Based Dramatic Comedy motion picture.  The fil

Capital needed

GBP 300,000

United Kingdom, South East

Nigerians spend $350 million per day in betting shops (PwC gambling in Africa report). With 135 million smart phones 99% mobile coverage and an average population age of 18 we are at the for

Capital needed

USD 400,000

Mexico, Distrito Federal

en méxico se comercializan 2 millones de juegos turista mundial 8 compañías diferentes lo comercializan, tengo inventados 17 juegos de mesa para diferentes mercados factura en hacienda como magicolor

Capital needed

€ 400,000

South Africa, Gauteng

UNLOCK events is an organization that throws events to generate profit. UNLOCK has  identified that PTA is in need of a nightlife entertainment festivals. With PTA's of number of colleges, u

Capital needed

GBP 9,000

United Kingdom, London

Payne Records Limited is home to all the new young artist generation. We are an independent record label based in London, UK. Our aim is to support and promote emerging and new artists across the UK;


Dear Sirs,My name is Qiao Xiao Hong, an engineer & businessman, 58 years, from Beijing, China.I have 2 projects that to be invested. Please suppose an email address, so that I can send attached 8

Capital needed

USD 1,067,199

South Africa, Western Cape

Become part of the exciting animation world, whilst telling a much needed story  Have a look at the attached proposal for the opportunity of a lifetime

Capital needed

USD 200,000

Nigeria, Federal Capital Territory

It is a social media that helps people identify themselves with a social special event, take a selfie shot and get paid for it after fulfilling the required task. We also have a premium package design

United Kingdom, London

We are on a mission to get London Tourists and Londoners out of just seeing the usual boring West End sites. We have a variety of South, East and North London places of interest for all ages, day and

Capital needed

GBP 3,300

United Kingdom, North West

Three Specialist Production VehiclesProduction Base Property including interior and RenovationsFilm Production including Theatrical Self Distribution/MarketingStaff Secretary/Assistant Wage for 12 mon