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Capital needed

USD 6,000,000

Ukraine, Vinnytsia

The project predicts the construction of a residential building with a built-in and attached premises for the sale of residential and commercial premises in the amount of 36,000 sq.m.Address of the bu

Ukraine, Donetsk

Developed: electric reactor construction based on the experimental results of existing technologies that were applied for other intentions because of the persecution of other technical purposes.O

Capital needed

EUR 80,000

Ukraine, Donetsk

Se trata de una empresa ucraniana que fabrica pinturas especiales que brillan de noche y bajo luz ultravioleta.

Capital needed

USD 100,000

Ukraine, Sumy

Внимание! Нужны инвестиции в краудфандинговые платформы!!!!!!!   Добрый день! Я основатель и руководитель и я живу в Украине.В интернете я нашла информацию, что Вас фи

Ukraine, Járkov

I create a prototype of the most functional baby stroller ever. Built-in Flashlights, Loudspeaker, Umbrellas, Powerbank and Solar panel. The stroller is very compact, comes with a backpack. After an a

Capital needed

EUR 1,200,000

Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk

G******* will be a new low-cost space-based remote monitoring and forecasting satellite platform for real-time detection of anomalies in the gravitational field of the Earth, which can be used for var