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Capital needed

EUR 5,000,000


WHO WE AREADvantage is developing a novel drug, termed AD04, for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Aluminium oxyhydroxide at a specific dose and therapeutic schedule was used as control i

Capital needed

USD 2,000,000

USA, Texas

Short Summary South Plains finds abandoned, orphaned & neglected oil properties & successfully de

Singapore, Central Region

OVERVIEW:Enterprise SaaS software platform for running and managing bookings & appointment-based businesses, globally. SQ simplifies and consolidates the business, marketing, customer experience,

USA, Virginia

INTROWe're building a world's first and unique technology (4D imaging holographic AR Head-up display) for global automotive market, that includes our invented proprietary True holographic AR technolog


The business activity consists of the production of complete greenhouse kits (L x W x H - 6x3x1.9 m).The greenhouse walls completely block out the sunlight allowing to fully control the growth by dedi

USA, Nueva York

I, the initiator and CEO of the Human Ecological Business Holding International in New York, USA, invite maximum 10 future-oriented entrepreneurs/companies worldwide to benefit from a partnership in a

Capital needed

USD 40,000

USA, Carolina del Sur

My name is Noah and I'm 32 years old living in the great state of South Carolina. I'm going to give a straight and simple proposal broken down in steps, so here it goes.1. One of the biggest chunks of

Capital needed

USD 200,000

USA, Pensilvania

I am seeking a $200,000 investment for a new business start up.Depending on which country you live in, you may qualify to own 100% of the new business,and simply contract with us to manage the busines

Capital needed

USD 200,000

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

It is a hardware based system; it allows sensitive information to be quickly, easily and economically protected to a degree never before available in a PC.The information is secured with the AES256 Fi

Germany, Bayern

We have mandates for various projects, which should be financed to 100%. Also partnerships are possible up to 60%. Our clients take no foreign travel if there are no contract proposal and reject init

Capital needed

EUR 1,000,000

Spain, Tarragona

Buenos días,El proyecto consiste en aplicar una Estrategia de Trading tal y como se realiza en E******.NET La cartera se diversificaria en:- Put Write del DAX + Sobreventas en % b en DIARIO (50%)

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000

Australia, Queensland

“JULIA” feature film project. Locations: Athens, Greece. Enchanted by the musicality of Italian, Peter (old widower), meets Julia, a pretty teacher of Italian. As experience meets beauty, platonic lov

Capital needed

EUR 250,000

South Africa, Gauteng

Privately owned fixed base simulators are becoming an ever-growing trend in Europe, Australia, as well as the USA. Small to medium enterprises operating these simulators for the sole purpose of entert

Capital needed

EUR 2,000,000

Australia, Queensland

A Maltese teenager dedicates a song to his dying friend. It's an unexpected European hit. An Italian priest explains how he can make a difference in people's lives and he becomes a priest using his gi


 Actualmente estamos lanzando una plataforma tecnológica de ahorros en viajes y más servicios a nivel mundial. La expansión de el negocio  me permite incorporar personas al proyecto que , de

Capital needed

EUR 15,000

Venezuela, Carabobo

Nuestro negocio será comercializar ropa de segunda mano por bultos a clientes de todo el país, muchos de los cuales ya han mostrado interés en los productos que podemos ofrecer.En Venezuela se han mas


Yamzit help businesses retain their customers by collecting Actionable Feedback using our Customer Loyalty Program & iKO Business Assistant. Businesses use the collected Feedback to learn mor

Spain, Islas Baleares

Import auch unter Berücksichtigung individueller Kundenwünsche. Zudem können wir Projekt-Cars organisieren, zur eigenen Restauration oder Wiederaufbereitung mit uns. Neben dem (individuell auf den Kun

Capital needed

USD 500,000

Philippines, Davao del Sur

Lyduz (https://*******.com/) is a social trading, non-broker, proprietary platform developed by Filipinos. Currently, Lyduz is the only platform that offers an end-to-end solution to self-directed tra

Capital needed

EUR 2,500,000

Serbia, Zaječar

The land is located at the top of the mountain Stara Planina. It's the most attractive location on mountain, elevation:1,758 m / 5,768 ft. It's suitable for building of SKI resort or any other concept