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USA, Delaware

Profesional Online Invoicing SystemNow you can create your invoices quickly and easily and send to your customers by emailManagement of Customer and Suppliers InvoiMax allows you full c

Capital needed

USD 500,000

USA, Florida

FootGlove Performance Footwear is dedicated to solving the widespread foot pain & discomfort problems for the millions of people who work on their feet every day in jobs such as food service, hosp

USA, Delaware

Sistema Profesional de Facturación online!Ahora puedes crear tus facturas de una forma rápida y sencilla y enviarlas a tus clientes por email.Gestión de Clientes y ProveedoresInvoiMax t

Capital needed

EUR 60,000

Indonesia, Jawa [Java]

COMPANY PROFILE579 housefarm Catfish Hatchery is a fishing company established since 2016.The company is engaged specifically in the field of aquaculture with catfish commodities in breeding and

Capital needed

EUR 100,000

Netherlands, Noord-Brabant

BlackBear makes hockey goalkeepers proud to be a goaly! A goalkeeper must radiate strength and confidence. Such a firm attitude has a strong effect on the defense line of every field hockey

Trinidad y Tobago

"PAPER" documents for processing Trade (Import / Export) and RealEstate are hindrances for our economic growth and for the millennials within our region.Our aim is to Digitize Trade and Realestate tra

USA, Nueva Jersey

After so many other exchanges failed, the founding members decided it was time to openly operate an exchange and provide a place where traders could have confidence.What distinguished Fides Exchange f

Capital needed

USD 500,000

USA, Nueva York

Nappr consists of a mobile/web application that will provide access to an expansive network of short-term sleep locations in businesses, apartments and homes with hosts setting the prices, similar to

Capital needed

USD 50,000

Philippines, Palawan

Jungle Eco Hostels -  We  presently have 4 accommodations on Hostelworld and and we are currently building something a little different, a Jungle style Hostel in Palawan. Be

Capital needed

€ 250,000

USA, Virginia

Product Solar Panel i.e. a panel designed to absorb the sun's rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. Product lasts for 20 to 25 years it can be on grid or off grid. The kit

Capital needed

EUR 250,000

Germany, Bayern

Executive summary1.1 Business summary:We want to open an online marketplace for customers needing daily things, like furnitures, building materials, electronics, and so on. We will start wit

Capital needed

USD 200,000

Argentina, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

It is a hardware based system; it allows sensitive information to be quickly, easily and economically protected to a degree never before available in a PC.The information is secured with the AES256 Fi

Capital needed

USD 800,000


El proyecto trata de un Bar Restaurant tematico alusivo a una de las bebidas con mayor consumo a nivel mundial y en ascenso. La decoraciu00f3n es 80% del u00e9xito del negocio ya que lo convierte en u


ESG – Areva Bataan Renewable Energy Philippines Inc. will make the Profit Sharing and Facilities Fee Agreement with the Provincial Government of Bataan (PGB). This Agreement will make available the Si

Spain, Granada

En K***** STORE diseñamos y fabricamos ropa casual/streetwear unisex, de gran calidad y con un gran atractivo para un rango amplio de consumidores/público objetivo. Actualmente funcionamos como autóno

Capital needed

USD 310,000


M**** Company limited has come up with a School Management System (“Elimubay”) which will automate various scheduling activities of a school and optimizes the use of premium resources. Concerned autho

Capital needed

USD 100,000

South Africa, Gauteng

We know how to generate clean energy without having to use fuel or diesel or coal to turn turbines. This could help us save our natural resources for future generations to come,and this is why this is

Capital needed

USD 2,000,000

Australia, New South Wales

D**** has secured market place for last 5 years with less competition in Australia and New Zealand Market, we have secured over 450 wholesalers Groups and independent customers Australia wide. we also

Capital needed

USD 80,000


My company in Egypt will produce frozen vegetables and fruits such as Broccoli,cauliflower,green beans,vegetable mix,french fries potato and strawberry all Grade A and my company in Russia will import

Capital needed

USD 30,000

Nigeria, Lagos

Praise's way communications is a company operating in the Media Representatives industry that provides solutions, communicates and entertains its customers through the use of creative and inspirationa