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USA, Delaware

Powerful Professional Application to manage your businessMORE THAN INVOICINGINVOIMAXInvoimax is the most flexible and powerful online billing solution to comply with the issuance of tax documents digi

USA, Delaware

Potente Aplicación Profesional para administrar tu negocio!MUCHO MÁS QUE FACTURACIÓNINVOIMAXInvoimax es la solución de facturación electrónica más flexible y potente para cumplir con la emis

Capital needed

USD 1,500,000

Ukraine, Kirovohrad

Dear Friends,I'm an IT Company owner from Ukraine (www.********.com).The company has been working since 2002.I grew the business twice - up to 105 people in 2007 and up to 68 people in 2013. I sold pa

Capital needed

EUR 5,000,000

Germany, Baden-Württemberg

   I am an Enterpreneur of I*** Philosophy LLC based in Schlat Falkenweg 2 and an office in New York Saunders streets in Queens.I have 17,000 users of Alpha Omega app.https://*******.co

Capital needed

EUR 200,000,000

India, Maharashtra

We at K***** Solutions developing the advanced Strong AI for various sectors like Space missions, Healthcare, Automobiles, Defence, Banking sector, and so on. Our AI is way much faster and reliable an

Capital needed

USD 10,000,000


Hello. I am a financial representative for a US-based company, which is now having series-B financing, providing equities for cash. It is a SAAS company, with significant revenue growth and an establi

Capital needed

USD 150,000

Ecuador, Loja

Nuestra empresa es un software inteligente que une o hace visible a los clientes que desean hacer envíos de carga pesada con cientos de transportistas a nivel nacional que ya pertenecen a nuestra red.

Capital needed

GBP 50,000

United Kingdom, South East

Imagine a piece of software that can completely control the management of your computers and all associated software and hardware linked to it?Imagine this software continually monitors and manages yo

Capital needed

USD 310,000


M**** Company limited has come up with a School Management System (“Elimubay”) which will automate various scheduling activities of a school and optimizes the use of premium resources. Concerned autho


Welcome to Our apps platform, we endeavor to assist your Business Prosper,We are Website Design, web application development and Business operation system Design and Development Company in Kenya and e

Capital needed

USD 12,000,000

Iceland, Hu00f6fuu00f0borgarsvu00e6u00f0i

HBB Finance EHF is an Icelandic registered company seeking an investor to fund a project in the Bitcoin mining industry in Iceland.We are in an excellent position to enter the Bitcoin mining business.