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Foot Glove Performance Footwear Inc.

Project No: #20306
Capital needed
USD 500,000
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Minimum investment per investor: $100.10
Country: USA
State: Florida
Reason for needing Capital: Equipment or Inventory
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: Hold a Patent on our unique product design and technology.
Raised $768,000 during its initial funding round
Generated over $100,000 in product sales during our soft opening launch
Secured a licensing agreement with the 2.5 billion dollar hunting apparel giant Mossy Oak Camo brand
Connected with and actively receive advice from successful entrepreneurial mentors Daymond John and Kevin Harrington
What you offer to investors?: Ground level investment opportunity in our innovative company with high growth potential for $1.30 per share strike price with a minimum $100.10 investment buy in price.
Executive summary:
Additional documents:

FootGlove Performance Footwear is dedicated to solving the widespread foot pain & discomfort problems for the millions of people who work on their feet every day in jobs such as food service, hospitality, maintenance, construction, and need ways to prevent and relieve foot pain, and provide greater comfort. They are also outstanding for athletes to support prevention and reduce recovery times.

Hold a Patent on our unique product design and technology.Generated over $100,000 in product sales during our soft opening launchSecured a licensing agreement with the 2.5 billion dollar hunting apparel giant Mossy Oak Camo brandFootGlove CEO Uganda Williams receives mentorship from Shark Tank’s Daymond JohnProducts advertised by Shark Tank Shark Kevin Harrington
“Great product concept, do the same thing that I did when I started FUBU, develop and sell as many as you can quickly!”
Founder & CEO of FUBU
“It's Like having a perfect fit Glove for your feet yall!!!! Feels good too.”
Brandon Adams
“I love running with the Footglove socks! They reduce foot pain significantly!”
Danny Manni
“Perfect for a long days work where standing and walking are required. You will have the strength to go on at quitting time!”
Windy Bailey Davis Glasgow
“Thank you so much for these socks. I'm on my feet 24-7 at work and at home. I suffer from terrible plantar fasciitis in both feet. I had surgery on my left foot in Dec 2017 because the pain was so bad. These socks have made my feet feel so much better.”
Linda Gail Miller
“Awesome performance support socks! You have got to wear them. Wearing is believing.”
Mike Russ
“Thank you Uganda and your team at footglove performance footwear for this awesome product. I wear footglove socks everyday now. Try them and you will not regret it.”
“Got my first pair yesterday and I am so pleased with this product actually feels as if I'm walking on anti-fatigue mats this is truly a great product”
Mite T Sharp
“Your feet do a lot for you and now you can take good care of them with FootGlove PF, The Ultimate Foot Support Sock!”
Shark Tank Shark Kevin Harrington
“Being a former professional baseball player and now a high school baseball coach, I got to be on my feet all day long, and I really have to thank Footglove PF.”
Former Major League Baseball pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, Mark Klein
“Based on my experience, FootGlove PF socks are designed to provide significant relief of foot pain and discomfort as well as support for its users.”
Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Stephen Levin
Photo of FootGlove Performance Footwear Inc.’s Founder & CEO Uganda Williams and Executive Vice President David Coatney, participating in a TV Infomercial promoting the company’s Patented, Innovative foot comfort enhancing specialty socks product line.

Everyday millions of people in the US (and beyond) experience significant pain from muscle fatigue and cramping, joint pain that can lead to lower back pain, skeletal and tissue damage, blood clots, and even hairlines fractures that keep them from going to work and living their life to the fullest.

Current products either focus on corrective footwear, compression socks, or orthotics/inserts but no one has created a product that serves everyday professionals and serious athletes by providing additional padding that moves with the foot.

We are on a mission to solve pain for those who do some of the hardest and often uncelebrated work on the planet. That mission means addressing foot pain is just the start and gives us the opportunity to connect with them on a level of compassion and care, as well as empathy, our founder worked multiple retail jobs and suffered foot pain that drove him to create this product.


Hard work takes healthy feet and FootGlove provides A superior solution to foot fatigue, pain and discomfort that is caused by walking and standing for long hours while at work or being engaged in day to day activities like playing sports or working out.

The socks are patented, high-performance foot support and designed to offer the ultimate in form-fitting comfort by featuring high-impact-resistant foam insoles that support and cushion the heel, arch, and forefoot of the feet.

FootGlove PF Socks are currently used by people in a variety of careers such as athletes, teachers, health care workers, waitresses, letter-carriers, floor-workers, hunters, campers, hikers, and even the elderly whose livelihoods, lifestyles, or leisure depends on their feet.


Foot Glove Performance Footwear Inc.’s business model consists of direct to consumer sales via owned and partner platforms, wholesale sales, and patent licensing.

FootGlove will grow its direct-to-consumer business through updated ecommerce website, branding, and accelerate growth via sales through complimentary channels such as Amazon, Touch of Modern, Mossy Oak, and other platform solutions.

Analytics related to consumer types, needs, and interests will grow opportunities over time.

Target Customer

Three out of four Americans will experience foot and lower extremity related health issues at some point in their lifetime giving a larger customer base that includes those having acute pain for the first time to those who have ongoing chronic issues and those who seek to prevent those issues or avoid worsening conditions.

Service industries have expanded, particularly in warehouse and supply chain jobs, restaurant and hospitality, and people are working later into life (roughly 5 million 65+ year olds who are forced to work into their seventies) which means this problem is not going away, and will likely get worse.

Our target customer is someone who works hard and/or plays hard, wants to avoid issues from foot pain, and reduce the impact of current issues on their ability to feel good each day.

Specific marketing opportunities include the following key segments and analytics will be used to establish and tighten those segments and targeting accuracy.

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