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Project No: #20316
Capital needed
EUR 1,000,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 500000
Country: Singapore
Reason for needing Capital: Working Capital
Stage: Pre-Startup
Ideal Investor Role: Indifferent
Highlights: Profiting from the very well established facilities of a global energy group.
Aiming more at renewable green energyregarding the EU market, especially Hydrogen, enrgy driver for the petrochemical industry (Antwerp #2 worldwide), and the trado energy markets of Africa & Asia.
What you offer to investors?: Depending on the funding amount a decent equity package of 20% (negotiatble) and/or convertible loan at a quite attrative interest rate, possibly with an exit strategy. All negotiable with the right & capable investor.
Invest in the real economy..


Seeking private investor, equity or convertible loan/bonds,  with possible exit, negotiable. Ability of achieving profitability with relatively minimal investment!   .

Global Energy initially niche but scalable into integrated company, (own vessels, storage etc) similar MO as major traders Glencore/Trafigura etc. 

Traditional Energy:

Oil&Gas crude & refined products, and LNG,,LPG; CNG (compressed natural gas, the greener gas)    mainly aimed at WAFR, SAFR & ASIA markets,          potentially also EU/UK

 Alternative Energy

Solar & Windparks and especially Hydrogen f.e. Antwerp Petrochemical Industry etc. (both H2 liquid supplies with own vessels -as producers since 2015- and possibility of erecting H2 factory). Aimed mainly at EU.(EU grants/subsidies available, '3sea initiative' etc.).

Joint Venture

Option to enter into a JV with the main supplier, a large global Group with offices at London, Houston, Singapore, HK, Dubai, China, Cyprus, Vienna ...   

Group has own refineries, exploitation, shipping line for oil&gas&hydrogen as producers, hedge & risk management, own trade finance & banking, private jets ...    due to covid, meets can be held on their private jets.

JV under a new LLC with 50/50 sharing, can be for short term (then possibly branch out as independent with them still as main supplier) or longterm.

 Group is also Buyer of crude, especially from NG. And in turn Seller of crude as well, usually from the Gulf area, etc.

Clientele>: Country Importers (established independents & local majors); 20yrs experience a.o. Petros (crude contracts NG/NNPC), etc. Network of clients/importers, initially WAFR, SAFR, ASIA later EU/UK..   avg volume per shipment C&F/CIF 20/30KMT or more,  spot & term contracts.

Team(s):  marketers still at work within importers (also one COO, one ex-director NNPC), when due headhunt.
Sales Offices in target markets, back office, lean & mean.

EBITDA  Projected        Yr1   $27.5Mio            Yr2    $69.5Mio          Yr3    $115Mio    (Oil i.e. gasoil/diesel ONLY, Gas & Alternative Energy not included).

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