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Project No: #20336
Capital needed
EUR 200,000
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Minimum investment per investor: 100000
Country: India
State: Delhi
Reason for needing Capital: Sales & Marketing
Stage: In Operation/Selling
Ideal Investor Role: Equity partner
Highlights: is an advertisement search engine. It is an online ad listing platform. Its world's #1 Advertisement Platform to search, manage, advertise and sell. This is a unique platform that brings together and lists all advertisement and advertisers from all over the world and connect them with an aim to provide advertisement opportunities to ad searchers and providing advertisement facility for all at affordable prices. It's a classified and non-classified ads posting website.
What you offer to investors?: equity
Business plan:

The problem the Startup is solving?

Each and every business need to be advertise properly. Advertisement in a newspaper is very costly. TV ads are further more costly. Their rates are quite high. The business owners have to pay a huge amount on this.

The solution for the problem stated above? 

Online advertisement is a cost effective advertisement. At a nominal rates business owners can advertise their business and can reach to masses. Further online advertisement can be limited to specific category or specific location as per their requirement. In this way business owners will save money, get more business.

USP of the product or solution?

USP of the products are as follows

1. Its listing of advertisement not the service provider

2. Additional social media features to engage users

3. Artificial Intelligence based search result

4. Video advertisement                                                               

What motivated me to work on this problem and why is now the best time for it? *

1.  Few years before, when I went for news paper advertisement and TV advertisement, I found theses are very costly.

2.  2. We are working on this  from last four years with have got high level of success.

What is the addressable size of this market? *
Rs 62,577 crore INR

What is revenue  model? *

1. Listing charges

2. Search result

3. Ad blocks on website

4. Payment for special feature

What is the current monthly net cash burn?

- 0.1 Million INR

Which business model best describes the start-up

B2B (You sell to a business)

How is the Startup currently funded?


How much has been self-funded?:  *

4 Million INR

How much funding are you seeking in this round? *

10 Million

This funding round will give you a runway of how many months? *

6 Months

How many founders does the Startup have? *

Brief background (We would like to know about your expertise and strengths): 

I am a post graduate medical doctor with MBBS, MD qualification. Also running my clinic and medical education center through online platform. Very much enthusiastic on digital online industry.

What are the monthly salary expenses? (Full-time Employees + Founders): *

.15 Million

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